More Birthday Weekend…

More pics from Brent’s birthday weekend, May 18th and 19th….

I did “sneak” and feed Abbi again when Lilli was preoccupied (maybe her rest time, I can’t remember).  It went better with just one spoon coming towards her face…..











But she still wasn’t quite sure she liked it or not.













Saturday afternoon I needed to do some major weeding in my garden and I looked up and here came a princess ladybug on a tiny 4-wheeler.












And we did find some ladybugs in the garden.  The real ones, not the ones wearing a costume from nearly three years ago.













Someone was very happy about bathtime!! That evening we got a few more plants from Home Depot and ate at Noodles and Company.    That might be my new favorite restaurant!! Tons of types of noodle dishes in all ethnic food groups with calorie counts on the wall and one of the drink machines where you can program your own soda.  Love it!! And we ran into some friends we haven’t seen in nearly 4 years so we ate together and our kids had fun being wild.













The next Sunday morning….singing Happy Birthday to Brent.











That morning was reward points morning for reading books out of the Children’s Library at church.  Lilli has been reading WAY too much and came home with this bear.













She had 46 points and got all the toys you see in this picture.  GOODNESS!!












For Brent’s birthday lunch he picked The Local Taco – Brentwood.  It was sooo good.  We had not eaten at the one by our house yet, and we’ve only eaten at the other one in the evening so this was our first chance to try the brunch tacos and they were delicious!!!













Since it was his birthday and the girls had on coordinating watermelon dresses we wanted a few pictures.  Yeah, right!!

(Abbi’s dress was one of Lilli’s old Gymboree dresses, and I was able to find the bigger sis version at a consignment sale this year, score!)










Lilli wanted her new stuffed animals in the pictures and she’s such a wild mess lately that we don’t even know what to do.

Sometimes they are a wild mess together….













It’s amazing we get ANY good pictures!!











Just Daddy and Little Girl….











And Lilli even posed for a solo picture.













Brent ended up piecing this together from several pictures since no one would all look normal at the same time! Thank goodness for Photoshop!!











And even though we were stuffed from Local Taco he’d been dying for cake all weekend since he knew I’d already bought his only special birthday request – chocolate cake from Publix.













Abbi was definitely interested in all those candles!!












And big sis had no problem helping to blow them out and eat some cake!





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