Summer Life

Pics from May 19th – May 23rd……

Abbi started rolling over on her 4-month birthday, but Brent has missed it every time so far! She can go from stomach to back and is SO close to being able to go in both directions. I don’t think it will be long before she sits up either, and she LOVES to stand (supported) all the time.  I think we’re going to have another early walker.  Heavens!!!











I bought a huge Porterhouse steak (on sale) at Publix for us to grill on Brent’s birthday with the new grill.  It turned out so delicious and the thing was big enough for dinner for all three of us and then lunch for Brent and I the following day (with a side salad).  Steak is one of Lilli’s new tastes that she likes, and she’s actually becoming much less picky.  She had a sausage patty this morning (previously she’s only do a link) and between lunch and dinner finished an entire hamburger.  Thank goodness she’s starting to be more open about trying things.  It really is true that they will eat before they starve…..











On Tuesday night during swim class there was a deer right beside the greenway.  I’m not zoomed or anything – this is truly how close it was! And there were tons of others out walking/running/cycling, he just wasn’t concerned about us at all.  I was a bit scared though! Abbi and I have been getting in just over 3 miles every Tues/Thurs night while Lilli and Brent are in class.  This is her last week of swim and I’m going to miss those guaranteed workout times!!











In swim they were having the kids “race” on noodles back and forth from one end of the pool to the other.  Lilli CREAMED them all by a massive landslide!! She is way ahead on a pink noodle.  Her swimming skills now are just amazing – we hit the pool today for our annual Memorial Day tradition and I couldn’t believe how well she was swimming.  It’s going to be a fun summer!













Little Bit is eating more and more food.  Contrary to her face she is wolfing it down and we’re typically feeding her baby food twice a day (“lunch” and “dinner”.) This weekend we added applesauce to her foods, and we’ll add a veggie later this week.  Considering the way she goes after our plates I think she is in favor of adding foods!!











Sisters! Definitely sisters!













On Thursday my company had its annual picnic.   It’s at the Granny White Park pavilion which is only about 5 miles from our new house (woo hoo!!) This year they had Chic Fil A cater it and everyone bring some side items.  Last year it was BLAZING hot and I was just miserable (also feeling queasy as a newly pregnant momma…..).  And Brent didn’t come with me since he would have to take off work since we have it during the work day (and all get the afternoon off).  This year he was nice enough to take a half day off to help me with both kiddos, and the weather was SO much cooler that with a great breeze it was a perfect day to be outside.


Abbi was excited to party!













Lilli really doesn’t want to socialize with anyone else (and before hand told me she wasn’t going to make any new friends) and I can’t say that I blame her.  It’s kind of awkward and she’s not quick to make friends.  She has a warming up period that a once a year company picnic just doesn’t work for.  So she mostly just wanted us to play on the playground with her, and that’s fine.  I love this pic of her on the swings that Brent took! She’s looking so grown up!!











I ended up putting them in “coordinating” dresses.  Our friend Julia gave Abbi the orange one, and I found the exact same brand/style (Carters) but in pink for Lilli at a consignment sale and remembered we had already been gifted the one for Abbi.  Score!! I love finding things like that!













Just happy to be at the park on such a pretty day!!




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