Memorial Day Weekend

We had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend this past weekend.  It was the perfect low-key, kick off to summer that we needed after the first few weeks of transitioning back to a dual working house-hold.  Whew.

Friday night we got our free Papa Johns pizza (thanks to points and coupon codes that Brent is always on the lookout for!) and played around the house.  We got the water table out and added some suds to get it cleaned up for the summer – fun to play with the soap and dual purpose in getting it cleaned up! Score!











We’ve used our fire pit quite a bit lately.  That’s also dual purpose – we have one tree that loves to shed limbs so this is one way to clean it up and have some fun.  We’ve had it for several years but just never used it in East Nashville.  It’s just not as fun to build a fire and hang out in the middle of the cramped city on .15 acres.  It’s a lot more fun on an acre!  We also put together a small picnic table we got from our old neighbors over there so we have some fun new seating around the backyard play area.











Lilli likes her Smores deconstructed – graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate all separate – and no brown on her marshmallow – just ever so slightly melted.    The girl knows what she likes.











That Saturday morning she wanted to be swaddled in the crib.  Unlike her sister she can get out pretty fast.











Lilli has been wanting to go to the “big movies” for several months now and it’s just not something we could do with Abbi (people who take young kids to the movies is a major pet peeve of mine….), so Lilli and I planned a date afternoon to go and see The Croods. She wanted to wear our “fanciest dresses” to the afternoon matinee – so we did – and we got plenty of looks.  It was SO nice to just take my small purse with keys, phone and wallet – no diaper bag or big car seat.  I’d completely forgotten how easy it was to travel around with just a 4 year old!  It was a cute movie and we got a huge tub of popcorn and coke to share and she just soaked up having my full attention.  While she rarely acts jealous you can often tell how much she just wants more attention.  Afterwards I asked her what other special thing she wanted to do and she wanted to go to Target, so we went and I let her pick out one new small toy (she ended up with a princess carriage for her dolls) and a book.  We also got a few fun little summer things and she was insistent on getting Brent a Batman toy for his birthday.  At least boys who come over will enjoy it!! We had so much fun together on our “big girl” date and she already has her next special time planned out (Science Center and Toys R Us).













While we were out, Brent and Abbi had some time together.  I don’t think he’s really been alone with her much (if at all).  It’s usually both or none.













Not only is she enjoying baby foods, she’s also a big time wiggly scooter now.  It’s no longer optional to use the seatbelts on all her little gadgets!!




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