Double the Fun – Memorial Day Weekend

From Saturday & Sunday May 25th and 26th…..

That Saturday night we went to my new fave casual restaurant – Noodles and Company.  I seriously could probably eat there every Saturday night, and Lilli is a big fan of their spaghetti so I don’t think she would complain either! We will definitely be keeping that place in business.











Afterwards we needed to return a Redbox and when we pulled into Walgreens we saw a Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts combo next door.  Since I had already blown my daily calories on movie popcorn I figured why not? We’ve never lived near a DD so we’d really been wanting to try them out versus Krispy Kreme.













And we definitely have a new winner! Lilli always wants to get donuts but never eats more than just the sprinkles off the top.  We each picked out two donuts (they have a half dozen price which is also a better deal than KrispyK who only has dozen prices) and she ate her ENTIRE donut and wanted the other one right then.  Then the next day when we let her have her second one she ate the ENTIRE thing again – and then started trying to creep in on my second donut that I was spacing out over several days.  I don’t really care if she’s a big donut connoisseur or not in life, but it was kind of crazy how much she loved them, and I think I liked it better too – it wasn’t dripping in sugar quite as much and just had an overall better flavor.  So, our new donut fave is Krispy Kreme.












No donuts for Little A, but she did get to add applesauce to her repertoire!












Pippin is a brave soul.  He doesn’t mind these girls at all and won’t budge an inch from being right in with us, no matter what we’re doing.













Honeysuckle is also a new discovery.  We have a ton of it in our yard along the fence row and that’s been a fun thing to show Lilli.  We also have a TON of ticks (that love Pippin).  That’s not been a fun discovery, and probably one of very, very few things that were better about living super urban versus living out in the suburbs now.














Sunday morning the girls wore some super cute (matching) Gymboree patriotic dresses I got last year on clearance in the fall, right when we found out we were having another girl.  I got in on the act with a navy and white polka dot dress and we were the belles of the church ball.   This was mostly because we spent most of the service taking either one girl or the other out – Lilli for bathroom break and also because she drew a moustache all over her face with black marker while the baby was fussing, and also Abbi for being on the fussy side.  The ripples of laughter all around us when Lilli was lead out with her creative art skills made us feel super appreciated by everyone seated near us.













So, since the morning had gone as smooth as silk it’s only fitting that when we attempted to get a good picture of them that Pippin decides to take a poop right in the background of the shot.  When both kids are reasonably smiling.













Lilli likes to get her attention by making very non-smiling faces.













About as good as it got at the same time….













Great shot of Lilli….














And then Abbi remembered her feet and how much she enjoys them at all times…


So we didn’t get any great shots of the two of them, but that’s what Photoshop is for!


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