Four Months of Abbi!

Here we go, another late monthly post.  You’re the second child so you’ll just have to be used to it, but make up for it by being spoiled.  Abbi was four months old on May 18th.

All months of Lilli here.


Abbi at birth: 6 lbs, 1 ounce:






Abbi at one month – estimated 8 lbs 4 ounces:






Abbi at two months – she had shots about two weeks before her 2-month birthday and she weighed in at 9 lbs, 3 ounces (20th percentile) length was 15th percentile and head was 51st percentile.  I would guess that at two months she was probably about 10 pounds.







Abbi at three months – According to the home scale on April 18th you were exactly 12 pounds! You have been growing like crazy!!








Abbi at 4 months –    We had a doctor’s appointment four days before your “birthday” and you weighed 13 pounds even (29th percentile) height was 24 inches (37thth percentiles) and your head was 68th percentile.  At this same point for Lilli, she weighed just an ounce more than you and you were actually just a hair taller! For being born so very tiny you have caught up (at least to Lilli!) very rapidly! You grew three inches from your last appointment and the nurse actually came back in to double-check that!














At four months old you are a Wiggle Worm! You are curious about all your surrounding and want to touch (and put in your mouth) everything around you.  You love being in big sister’s room and playing with anything of hers, as well as your own toys.  I wouldn’t say you have a favorite yet, but you enjoy the Exersaucer, Jumpy, Bouncy Seat and we’ve broken out some of the larger toys, too.  Our house looks like Babies R Us.













Lots went on this past month! You started school, for the biggest change.  You do great with it and enjoy being in Miss Shirrell, Tina and Misti’s classroom.  You’re the youngest by about two months and some of the older kiddos are about to move up.  They’re 16 months old and you’re their little baby doll and love to help take care of you.

On your four month birthday you rolled over for the first time (twice!) and tried solid foods for the first time.    Each day you take 6 bottles of 5 ounces each of Lactose Free formula.

You’re still a great sleeper and got to bed around 8 and wake up around 7:30 on the weekends.  Most nights you don’t wake up at all, but once or twice a week you might wake up and want your pacifier.  You like the pacifier a little more than you used to, but you still aren’t obsessed with it.

You wear a Size 2 diaper now, mostly 3-6 months clothes and 0-3 month pants.  Those are starting to get a little short so we’ll probably check out the 3-6 month pants soon.











You still don’t enjoy the car all that much, but I do think it’s getting somewhat better.  Your sister and Pippin can pretty much always make you smile or laugh.















You can already scoot around on your back and can get in quite the predicamnet if you’re not strapped into your vibrating seat, and your teachers have had the same trouble at school.  They’ve already declared you’re going to be an early walker (oh dear!!)














And for comparison’s sake – here’s Abbi on top and Lilli on the bottom at the same age – lots of similarities but they definitely look different!!!






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