Water Fun…..

Pics from last week – Tuesday May 28th – Thursday the 30th….


If you’re going to keep Abbi in anything these days you gotta use the little seat-belts her toys come with! She scoots that bottom down using her feet and pushing and she can get anywhere.  I think she’s been watching my yoga moves……













Lilli is learning to take showers, mostly by herself.  Of course one of the things I was most excited about in this house was having my “own” bathroom.  With 4.5 baths you’d think we wouldn’t all still use the same one – wrong.  99.9% of the time she showers and bathes in our master bathroom.  We do use all the bathrooms (toilets anyway), but the girl has three Ariel Mermaids in my tub.











At least this one uses their bathroom!! It will be so nice when they can take tubbies together!












Thursday night was a BIG night – the last night of swim class for Lilli! After 9 consecutive weeks of rushing to be there at 6:20 on Tues and Thursdays we were done!  It wasn’t so bad before I went back to work, but after that it was just crazy hectic trying to eat something quick (and healthy) before hand.  But, it was worth it because her swimming skills have really improved and we have all summer to work on her take-away points.  This fall we may do periodic private lessons since we could tell so much more progress was made when she had one on one time, and the price difference versus not going quite as often would be worth it overall.


Abbi and I had our “last” stroll on the greenway while Lilli was in class.  After I was back at work we hung out together (instead of her going in Y-play and me hitting the gym area) and strolled, usually about 3-3.25 miles each time.  As rainy as it’s been this spring, we never hit a Tues/Thurs night where it was raining!













And the crying boy….was still crying.  We don’t know how many weeks he’s been in class, he was in all 9 weeks (3 different sessions) with Lilli and STILL cried every.single.time.















Afterwards to celebrate all our accomplishments we stopped by Harris Teeter for some popsicles.  Lilli actually picked out some Weight Watchers strawberry yogurt ones, I guess she’s watching her labels, too! Ha! And she completely passed gas in this woman’s face and had the whole dairy aisle in tears laughing.  It was quite the night.













Oooh, sisters.  It doesn’t matter how many square feet you have, we’re all going to be piled in one spot anyway.




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