Happy (Belated) Birthday Zach!

Last Sunday afternoon we went to the belated (on purpose) birthday party for Lilli’s church buddy Zach.  His 5th birthday was back in March, but a pool party (at his house) was the only kind of party he wanted to have so they had to wait until it warmed up to celebrate him.  And the party was supposed to be a few weeks earlier but that ended up being one of the many rainy weekends we’ve had, so it even got postponed from it’s original date.

This past Sunday wasn’t too much better for weather.  It had been drizzling that morning, but it held out for the party, for the most part.  There was a light sprinkle here and there, but the kids didn’t care.

Of course we had drama on our way to the party…..the party was at 2, and between getting back and forth to church and everyone fed, that was going to be pretty tough to begin with.  We were running about ten minutes late getting into the car (not too bad…) and we all ran out and were about halfway there when I asked Brent if he had put Pippin up – since he has a tendency to destroy when we’re gone, we put the Pippin gate up where he only has access to the bonus room.  And then Brent raised me a level and asked if I had let Pippin back inside the house.  And that’s when we realized Pippin was probably outside, in the drizzling rain.  So we had to turn around and head home, and sure enough, he was sitting on the deck looking especially displeased with us.  Somehow, BOTH girls were actually asleep in the car, so it was a somewhat quite ride, but Brent and I were both worn out.  We only ended up being 40 minutes late.

Late or not, Lilli had a great time.   The water was a bit chilly, but she didn’t care.  They also rented a water slide and had a baby pool, but she stuck with the main pool the entire time.


Once the crowd started thinning out she got on some of the bigger floats…


Brent took a lot of video (including several of himself jumping off the diving board), but we didn’t end up with a lot of pictures.  And horribly enough, we don’t have any of Zach from his own party.  I know he and Lilli were over there for the singing of the birthday song and cake cutting, but I guess Brent didn’t take any pictures.  I had Abbi the whole time,  and she was a total wiggle worm.  I had brought a swimsuit for her and I, but the water was still too chilly for her.  I tried a few times to dip her toes in and she wouldn’t have it.


Towards the very end of the party, she and Dylan started playing a fun little game where she’d shoot him and he’d fall off the float.  I think she greatly enjoyed it…


Shooting him…(these pics are all with Brent’s waterproof GoPro which can distort a bit)…


And success!

We had a great time at Zach’s party, even though we missed a big chunk of it! And I think it will be a while before we leave the house without double-checking the status of Pippin.


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