The Festival Begins….

Last week marked the start of the CMA music festival here in Nashville once again.  It’s truly about the worst week of the year to live and work near Downtown, although thankfully I only had to deal with the work part this year and no longer the live part! On Wednesday they held the kick-off parade, so those of us in my company were pretty much shut off from the world while the parade lined up all around our building and started on our street.  I had a pretty nice view of the start of the line (and could see pieces of it on Broadway as well).  I could also hear all the many bands from my office, all playing at once.  It was quite the sight and sound….(and yes, that’s the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard in line).


And then that afternoon we had to deal with daycare madness just getting the girls.  Every year I swear we’re going to leave on vacation, and then every year I forget and it sneaks up on us.  They had the entire lane next to daycare coned off for no apparent reason other than to make traffic a mess.  Ridiculous.  That evening were the CMA awards downtown, and pretty much every downtown employee had a mess getting home.


Abbi was all smiles in her “queen chair”.  Apparently her teachers have dubbed that her queen chair because she’s angry if anyone else is in it, and she just likes to hang out in it and watch the other kids.


Her little friends are a mess.  I feel like they’re her bouncers and they kind of scare me.  To be little, they are fast moving little people who will grab your keys, lunchboxes, phone, car seat and anything else not nailed down and make off with it.  Her teachers have told me that they are Abbi’s “little mommas” and are always concerned if she’s upset and are never far away from their little friend.  The girl on the left has the exact same birthday as Abbi, just one year earlier.  She’ll be moving up to the next class at the beginning of next week and a new little baby will be joining them.  She’s actually the younger sister of a boy in Lilli’s class.


Lilli has so much to say every afternoon that the drive home is almost as exhausting as the work day.  She’s not sharing about her day – she’s beating me up with questions – when can we go “here”, “there”, “everywhere” (normally Chuck E Cheese, Science Center, Target, out to eat, etc) or asking questions about when certain things are – Halloween, Christmas, her birthday, each of her 17 classmates’ birthdays, etc or asking things like when can we get a cat, where are the evil woods and so on and so on.  And there’s no right answer so everything I say is just wrong.  One day I timed our ride home, and it took us 26 minutes and she asked me 38 different questions.  I think she could be borrowed by the government for interrogations with great success.  The drive home that day was going as normal “Why is traffic slow? Are we on the interstate? Why not? When can we go to DisneyWorld? When is Abbi going to be bigger?” and on and on and on until after a few minutes I noticed it was quiet and asked her if something was wrong.  When she didn’t answer I looked in the rear view and the girl had passed out.  The rest of the drive home I went very, very slow.


This little knucklehead…..just hanging out while we cook dinner.


We played some in the grass one night while Brent was pushing Lilli in the swing…She’s like a goat and pulled up half the yard and tried to eat it.


Just hanging out in our nice, big yard!!! We drove by the old house Sunday after church and everything just looked so cramped.  And close.  And small.  And like something we didn’t miss for a SECOND! We love our new digs.


Oh yes, Lilli picked out those shoes herself.  And couldn’t be prouder.  While they aren’t my style, they are awfully easy to find anywhere, at any time of day or night.


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