Summer in the Garden…

All of these pics are from last Thursday – Saturday (June 6 – 8)

Thursday night Brent took Lilli with him to run some Home Depot errands and give me and Abbi a little time together and Lilli some “special” time.  She did have to be bribed with a trip to Dunkin Donuts to go, but I don’t think either of them minded that little treat!!


Little Girl and I enjoyed some quite time and took a nice stroll around the neighborhood and just enjoyed a bit more personal space in the house while they were gone…


That Friday during lunch time, my work buddy Kirsten and I took our annual walk around downtown to take in the sights and sounds of the CMA Festival.  If we’re going to be stuck in the middle of it we might as well enjoy some music and free samples.  The brand new, huge convention center is open now and we definitely wanted to walk around in it.  The activities in there were all for ticket holders, but we were still able to see a good bit of the inside and it really is gorgeous.  And HUGE!


There were a lot of stars in the outside areas signing autographs and taking pictures, but since she and I aren’t big country fans we didn’t even know who they were! We mostly enjoyed free snack and drink samples, a few product samples and some free concerts.  Derek from Dancing with the Stars was speaking and we snapped his pic, but I wished we’d been just a little later at the ABC tent to catch Carla from The Chew.  I loved watching that while I was off on maternity leave!


Swamp People from History Channel – we didn’t know who they were so we asked people!


Such a little cute stinker!!


Saturday morning we got up and had a light breakfast and got everyone dressed for the Brentwood Farmers Market.  It’s just a couple of miles from our house and while it isn’t huge it had all the basics – local/organic meats and seafood, farm fresh veggies, local artisan foods (Lil was a huge fan of a nice cookie booth) and just other local items.  We grabbed some peaches, strawberries, blueberries and a couple of other things.  You really can’t beat homegrown strawberries and blueberries and we’ve all been enjoying them all week.


When we got home we checked our garden and Lilli was so excited to have her first pea pods.  Those were a little small but she ate them right out of the garden anyway.  Tonight she had a nice big pea pod to enjoy.  So far we’ve had a few peppers ripen and lots of lettuce.  We have a ton of green tomatoes just waiting out there to start turning, and some of our corn is starting to form as well!


Sweet freckles!


It was pretty warm and around lunchtime then but she was just running and running and running in the yard chasing the butterflies.  She absolutely loves having such a big space to play in now!


Her Mammoth Sunflowers are starting to be HUGE! I can’t wait to see those blooms!!


A nice view of the garden – small things like lettuce and carrots in front, then herbs, then a middle section of flowers like daisies and zinnias, then the peppers, tomatoes and corn, with some squash, peas and cucumbers mixed in as well.


Abbi is in everything and loves to play with whatever Lilli is in – one of our games is “Big Baby” who comes and tears down the castle.  It’s not a stretch of a game.


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