Bird-Friendly Dining

From June 9th-11th…..

One of the fun things about moving to a different part of town is trying out new restaurants.  We came to Brentwood fairly often before we moved here, for shopping and sometimes dining, and we came a ton during the summer for the Kiddie Pool, but we weren’t here enough to really try a variety of restaurants.  Brent was in the mood for Mexican (something we haven’t eaten a ton of since I’ve been focused on losing a lot of weight…), so he had asked if we could go out for that as our “cheat meal” last weekend.  We tried a new place out over near where I get my hair done at and as we walked in the manager told us it was Kids Night.  They already had a face painter there and in a little while the balloon guy would arrive.  Who knew??


The face painter wasn’t much to really get excited about, she did a flower on Lilli’s hand, and about the time we were almost done with our food the balloon guy got there.  Once Lilli had eaten enough required food for a “treat” I took her over to the section he had for balloon-ing. There were already a couple of kiddos over there, and he was making various balls, flowers, and swords for them to go nuts with.  He started talking to me and told me that you’re pretty much supposed to dump your kids with him and let them go wild while you enjoy some quiet time.  He was sword-fighting and hopping all around with them and Lilli was loving it.


He did a great job with the balloon shaping, too! He does a ton of parties and had just come from some event at Opryland Hotel.


Abbi thought the whole thing was hilarious!!


Then he casually mentioned to me that he also does an hour of Magic for the kids and that he had birds in a brown paper bag.  I pretty much thought he was joking, until he pulled out a bird.  In the middle of a restaurant.


Lilli had a blast and we’ll definitely have to go back again on their Kids Night where she can play for a while and we can enjoy a more quiet meal ourselves.  And by quiet I would mean the kids are all screaming in a corner of the restaurant instead of at your own table.

Abbi-girl is getting so big! And such a ham for the camera!!


We’re still taunting her to roll over with favorite toys – but nothing yet!! Honestly being the second kiddo she doesn’t get quite as much practice and we’re not encouraging it that much either!!


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