Father’s Day 2013

Lilli started Father’s Day by being the nice little boost Abbi needed to touch the ground for some jumping in her Jumperoo.  Obviously the fact that I had pressed and starched her dress the night before came second to giving her sister the boost she needed for some jumpy fun.


And it was also very important to her that we release the butterflies she had caught the previous day before we left.  And the fact that two out of three basically stumbled out, no longer able to fly, further delayed our already late exit.  I felt really sick with some sort of stomach bug Sunday, so we were kind of a disaster from the start and it really didn’t improve from there…..


We let Brent pick our lunch destination and he picked Corky’s for some good Southern BBQ and large knives for children.


It’s some kind of sister joke…..


Or maybe just a Lilli joke….


We had a low key Father’s Day.  Lilli was mad that Brent didn’t want to pick “going to the zoo” for his special activity and threw a large fit about that.  I pretty much figured his best gift would just be a nap – so we got both girls down for afternoon naps at the same time and we took a wonderful hour and a half nap with HGTV playing in the background.  We basically never get the luxury of a nap, so it was a perfect afternoon.  I did errands for Brent later that day and took Lilli with me, and we polished off the day by surprising him with the biggest burger BackYard sells – something he would probably want but never splurge on! (And truly something that probably no one EVER needs to eat…)


We capped off the evening by catching lightning bugs – much easier to come by than butterflies, and she probably had an unfair advantage since her sandals most likely blinded them.


She ended with probably about 50 of them before we told her that was plenty.  She slept with them in her room and it was pretty cool to see them after the lights were out lighting up!


And to polish off the Daddy part of the day the girls surprised him with their matching I Love Daddy PJs I had gotten on clearance last fall at Old Navy when summery type stuff was being sold down for winter items.  It was already a little past Abbi’s bedtime so she wasn’t in a smiley mood, but they still looked cute!


Matching PJs, matching fist chewers!!


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