Science Night – Fizzy Paint

From last Tuesday night, June 18th

For our science activity for the week, I decided we’d try this Pinterest idea for making “Fizzy Paint”.    Any science activity that has baking soda and vinegar involved is a huge hit for Lilli, and I already had all the ingredients on hand for it.

The first thing we did was make our own “paint”, which was something fun we’d never done before and Lilli really enjoyed it.  She loves doing all the mixing herself, and I’ve got separate containers of baking soda and vinegar that are just hers for Science-time, so she can mix and cross mix all she wants.

We measured out three cups and stirred together the baking soda, shaving cream, food coloring and a little water.  I ran out of shaving cream so we didn’t make quite as much paint as I would have liked.


Lilli wasn’t too thrilled about having to paint a picture, she wanted to do Science and not “Art” that night, so we didn’t make her make too illustrious of a picture before we showed her the Science aspect of this project.


We filled a spray bottle with vinegar and told her to start spraying her picture.  Ironically, this is the old spray bottle I used to keep vinegar in to spray Pippin with so he wouldn’t jump on people when they came over.  Luckily it worked much better on this artwork than it ever worked on calming him down.


She immediately “got it” when her artwork started fizzing.  The bigger fizzes are on the larger clumps of paint, so it helps to be a bit “messy” in your artwork.


And from there she sprayed all 3 of our pictures and had fun watching the big and small fizzes.


After all our pictures were drenched she just had fun mixing and exploring with the various ingredients and paint, seeing what would happen as things combined or stirred up, and just mixing vinegar straight with the paint and watching them spill over.


I think this has been one of her favorite ones we’ve done so far because it involved the fun of an “explosion” with art and color.


And then I just let her make a mess until bedtime.  Stirring, combining, pouring and just figuring out what conditions are necessary to create “fizz”.  And all the mess is left outside and easily cleaned up by all the sporadic afternoon summer thundershowers we have!


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