Five Months of Abbi!

We did a little better this month and actually did her 5 month pictures the week she turned 5 months old (June 18th).  On weeknights she usually has food all over her clothes, so weekends just work better for getting pictures of a cleaner baby!

All months of Lilli here.

Abbi at birth: 6 lbs, 1 ounce:


Abbi at one month – estimated 8 lbs 4 ounces (not sure where the larger version of this pic is, I’ll grab it next month!):


Abbi at two months – she had shots about two weeks before her 2-month birthday and she weighed in at 9 lbs, 3 ounces (20th percentile) length was 15th percentile and head was 51st percentile.  I would guess that at two months she was probably about 10 pounds.


Abbi at three months – According to the home scale on April 18th you were exactly 12 pounds! You have been growing like crazy!!


Abbi at 4 months –    We had a doctor’s appointment four days before your “birthday” and you weighed 13 pounds even (29th percentile) height was 24 inches (37thth percentiles) and your head was 68th percentile.


Abbi at 5 months – We weighed you on the home scale and you were 14.4 pounds – your sister was 14.2 pounds at this age, so you’re beating her out for the first time! Way to gain little sis! But don’t gain too much – you have a LOT of hand-me-downs to wear the next few years that depend on you being a small fry!


Abbi – at five months you are fun, fun, fun.  Except when you don’t want to be – and that’s mostly when we aren’t holding you or dare to leave the room.  Clearly our two hands are for holding you most of the time, right? Your teachers talk about your easy going personality but also that you want things a “certain” way and that’s very true.  You don’t want a bottle too warm or too cold, and that kind of sums up your personality.  Another reason they have nicknamed you Goldilocks (besides your very blonde hair!)


It’s been a fairly big month – no teeth yet but they’re probably only a month or so away from the way you act sometimes.  You want to be sitting (supported or tripod) pretty much all the time, and you love for someone to help you stand.  You can scoot out of bouncy chairs or anything else if needed, and you’re very alert and attentive and enjoy playing with all kinds of toys – including your sister’s Barbies and Princesses.  You also really like the Exersaucer and have fun doing laps while we cook and eat dinner.    You think your sister is hilarious and you love to see her burst (LITERALLY!) into your class every afternoon.  She can make you laugh hysterically over absolutely nothing while the rest of your buddies just watch and try to figure out the joke.


While monkey isn’t on the menu (yet!) you have adapted well to solid foods.  So far you’ve had apples, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, prunes (uh oh!), carrots, green beans, pears, peaches, and bananas.  I’d say your favorites are apples, sweet potatoes and peaches.  Unlike big sis you’re not a huge fan of peas or green beans.  You’re also a fan of table food – we slipped you some spaghetti noodles and mac n cheese off your sister’s plate and you loved it! You also ate some of her bread one night and were a big fan! And we gave you some of our Egg Beaters one Saturday morning but that wasn’t as well received – it’s ok, we understand they don’t taste as good as real eggs.


You’re still a good sleeper, but lately as we decide if you want to wean off the Swaddle we’ve had some up and down nights.  You’ve started blowing lots of raspberries and while it’s super cute it’s not so darling at 4 am when you want to play and we want to sleep.

You wear mostly size 3-6 month clothes.  Since it’s summer you’re mostly in sunsuits and short outfits, but I think you would probably wear a 3-6 month pants now.  You’re still in Size 2 diapers with plenty of room to spare.  You still take 6 bottles daily of 5 ounces each, and now have a lunch at school and a dinner at home each day.

And for comparison sake, Abbi at 5 months on top and Lilli at 5 months on bottom.  Besides the difference in hair color, I think Lilli looks leaner than Abbi.  Abbi definitely doesn’t have a lot of baby “rolls” but she just seems rounder than Lilli in the cheeks and face shape.



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