From June 23rd and 24th….

On that particular Sunday the girls wore some cute giraffe dresses – they’re from different consignment sales and different brands (Lilli’s is Janie and Jack that I bought last fall and Abbi’s is Carter’s that I bought this spring, both used) but I thought they were so cute together that I wanted a sweet sister picture.

What I got was a 4-year old was being difficult.  After threats all we could get was that she would pose by herself, sans her little sister.  Which pretty much defeats the purpose of getting a picture of how cute they were TOGETHER.  Even with the wonders of Photoshop I would know that it wasn’t a “real” moment, so here they are, separately.


Of course I had to hold Abbi, and you can’t even see she has a giraffe dress on.  And I should have fluffed my hair back out and put on lipstick.  But oh well, these aren’t framers anyway – just real life with a surly 4-year old going on 14.


We did eat at my fave for dinner that night – Noodles and Company.  Lilli is a huge fan of their meatballs, even if she does eat them with chopsticks!


We gave Abbi some of the noodles and she absolutely loved them and kept fussing to let us know she wanted more! I’m SO looking forward to them splitting Kids Meals since Lilli eats like a bird!


Afterwards we were in the mood for some Dunkin Donuts.  It was a nice night and Lilli loudly protested that their only outside table had people at it.  I didn’t Shush her because I was hoping they’d leave to, but they didn’t so we brought it home to eat outside.  That girl can put away a Dunkin Donut! I think I do have to agree that they’re better than Krispy Kreme and I like all their variety a lot better.


How dinner gets cooked these days, on a good day.  I can’t wait to tear apart this poorly designed kitchen.


Sisters!! This was the night of the “biting” video…..They are so funny together!


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