Summer Favorites

From June 21st…..(and I was SO close to caught up!!!)

That Saturday morning we got our usual nice sleep and woke up a little after 7 and made some breakfast.  For 5 months old, Abbi has a pretty decent list of table foods she’s had small bites of and she really seems to enjoy it so we made some scrambled eggs for her, too.  I think this face says it all – she knew it was just EggBeaters and not the real thing.  I agree, that is one you can taste the difference.


I had some gardening/weeding to do, so after breakfast I headed out to the yard and I just thought Brent was kidding about feeding her some bacon until I looked through pictures later that day……


Our garden is doing SO well this year and we’re going to be giving away a lot of squash and things to people throughout the summer (hopefully!) Already we’ve harvested a ton of summer squash, cucumbers, we’ve been eating lettuce for months and it’s about to get too tall/bitter, tomatoes, and peppers.  Lilli has several pumpkins growing that she’s very excited about, and our corn is nearly ready, too! And we’ve had lot of fun with our herbs making things like basil mint tea.  Lilli’s Mammoth Sunflowers are absolutely HUGE – the ones pictured here aren’t even the largest ones, some of them have “trunks” bigger than some small tree bases! I guess we’ve got a nice combo of sunlight/dirt out here, because we’ve never had this much luck with a garden before, and we certainly don’t give it as much attention as we’d like.


It’s actually grown a ton since we took this picture a week and a half ago.  My flowers in the middle look great and add some nice color to the garden.  I also planted a Rose and Lily garden on the exact opposite of the yard for Abigail (Rose) and Lilli.  We dug up a carrot last weekend and they’re still tiny.  I’ve never had luck with carrots, so maybe this year will be different.  Our broccoli also hasn’t made anything yet, that’s another one I’ve never been successful with.


That morning as we were working (and Abbi napping), Brent made the comment that he’s sure we’ll see a snake at some point this year out in the yard.  Even though I’m not excited about that I feel like he’s probably right considering the amount of brush/foliage separating us from I-65 behind us.  Not thirty minutes later as I was weeding some taller growth from around the corn something came running out – of course I screamed and then realized it was a tiny bunny.  We got Lilli to come and look at it, and then ultimately chase it into the woods.  We’ve seen that little guy (or his friends) just about every day since then and they’ve been helping themselves to our Kale – so we had to put a little wire fence around that part of the garden.


That afternoon we did our little 5 month photo-shoot of Abbi – Lilli was being treated to some cartoons so we could get Abbi alone – otherwise the jealous big sis would have certainly been pouting and whining for attention.  Of course the big brother wasn’t shy about sitting right in front of the camera and blocking her out of some attention either.


Ultimately he got bored and just laid out for a nap.  Abbi was not impressed.


The view from where I was sitting on the sidelines.  Pippin is such a mess.


That evening we had our annual Sunday School swim party at Tim and Wendy’s.  (Pics from last year.)  It had been a nice, warm week so I felt like Abbi would finally think the water was warm enough to play.


Abbi and I waited until after the cookout part of the party to get in the pool, but Lilli had a blast all night jumping in over and over again with her pals.  I think she and Zach jumped off the side about three hundred times that night.  The water felt good to Abbi and she and I hung out in the shallow end while most of the big kids jumped off the diving board over and over the rest of the night.


Lilli is really loving the pool this summer and absolutely fearless of the water (good and bad).


Some of her cannonballs were so big her bum hit the bottom! I like that their pool has a pretty shallow end that she could stand up in so we didn’t have to be right there to help catch her each time to make sure she got her swim balance each time.


Towards the end of the evening it started thundering and lightning so we made all the kids get out until we saw if a storm was coming or not.  The storm literally ended up going right around their part of East Nashville – less than 5 miles away on our way home it had poured and it was still raining in downtown but they never got a drop! The kids amused themselves for a few minutes with water guns and pool noodles while we all decided about waiting out the storm.  This one of “Assassin Lilli” in some unidentified flippers just cracks me up.

We had a great time at the pool party and can’t wait to hang out at their pool again soon!


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