4th-ish of July Part 3

From June 30th and July 1st!

Sunday morning started the usual way when we visit my parents – with a dead car battery for me.  I’m not sure what it is about their house but it drains my battery.  The date on my car battery was just July 2011, so we’re not sure what happened, but jumping it off seemed to do the trick and once we got home Brent took it to Advance and it checked out fully charged.  Weird.


There were so many of us there with Suzy’s parents and Aunt Nancy that we took up two pews (or really just Brent and I were on the second one.) Lilli never even noticed we weren’t with her since she had Kasey to play with.  Sadly, this is the only picture we took of them in their 4th of July dresses.  Especially since we’ve always had such good luck with getting them posed together (2010 & 2012).


We ate Bruce’s much anticipated chicken for lunch that day and then afterwards got packed up and headed back to Nashville.  Abbi got some love from Suzy’s mom and Cody while we were getting ready to go.


The ride home went much better than the ride there.  No major traffic delays and Abbi slept the whole time until about 20 or 30 minutes from home.  The poor thing was so exhausted.  She was just an absolute mess Sunday night.  Lilli had a good time playing with the little goodies Grandma had given her, and even blew some bubbles for little sis.


She slept great Sunday night and her teachers said she was in a good mood Monday, so thankfully she recovered quickly.  Her little buddies just crack me up.  They all hover around when I’m loading her in the carseat and just love on her so much.  The little boy on the left hand side is moving up to the next class right now.  He has a big bro in Lilli’s class, and the little girl in green right next to Abbi also has a brother in Lilli’s class.  They all stopped and froze as soon as they saw my camera (IPhone) come out, and then they all came after me to take it.  It’s amazing how much babies love technology!


Lilli loves to help pick all the veggies in my garden and there’s plenty to help with every afternoon! She also had her bug trapper around her neck, looking for bugs and worms to trap.


We were joking that this pepper was as big as her head and she told us it wasn’t.  It’s not far from it…..


She’s great at getting all those down low tomatoes in hard to reach places!!


We had such unseasonably cool evenings lately.  It’s been so awesome for sitting outside and playing!


A little b-ball dribbling…..


And some fun Frisbee!!


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