Sunflowers and Fireworks

From July 2nd and 3rd….

Last Tuesday my new treadmill was delivered! I ordered one to use at home since I’m taking shorter lunches at work now to not stay as late since I’m both dropping off and picking up the kids, so heading to the Y at lunch isn’t a good option for me anymore.  Once summer is over I’m going to either pause or cancel our membership until next summer, or we may look into the various Rec centers around our new neighborhood that are usually a lot cheaper than the Y.  The Y is so expensive and with me not going every day anymore we’re not getting our money’s worth, at all.  And with the new treadmill I’m getting up a bit earlier each morning to get in my workout before the house wakes up.  This one is super quiet and you actually can’t hear it outside our downstairs exercise room, so I’m not disturbing anyone else.  Another reason we love the space of the new house….

Anyway, I had told Brent I could meet the guy, but he ended up coming instead.  I had assumed there would be two guys who wouldn’t mind bringing it the house.  Instead Brent had one guy who pretty much wanted to dump it at the curb, so thankfully he did come instead of me.


Pippin was intrigued.


That afternoon Lilli wanted to take photographs of all the bugs in our garden, and capture one to take to school to examine.  She’s loving their study of Insects.  One of her teachers had brought a beetle from home that day, and they had used the class IPad and Laptop to figure out what kind of beetle it was, so we got some weird bug from the garden and took it the following day.  Unfortunately it died before it could be thoroughly examined.


The sunflowers are out of control tall!!!


It was such a wonderfully mild week, we spent lots of evening outside playing and on the picnic blanket with The Sitter.


One of her teachers sent me this pic last week.  Just hanging out, sitting.


Brent stopped and got us some (very small) fireworks.  Kid stuff.  Snap pops, sparklers, small things that spin around.  We had already decided that we were going to skip our church’s Freedom Fest this year.  Downtown fireworks weren’t starting until 9:45 and that was waaay too late for Lilli to be out, especially since we all had to go to work the next day.  And we knew Abbi would be terrible out that late, so we bought a few things to do at home to ease the “pain” for her of not seeing the big show.  In the end, Freedom Fest got cancelled due to all the big rain coming for the 4th, so it worked out well for us to be able to tell her she really wasn’t missing anything.


More sunflowers – they’re close to blooming and we’re all excited to see how huge these blooms are going to be!


They were measuring about 11 feet last week!! Crazy!!


The leaves are much larger than my hand and the stalks are huge!


We went ahead and let her do some of the fireworks on Wednesday because we knew Thursday was going to be so rainy.  She loved the sparklers and REALLY loved the Snap Pops!


She wasn’t a bit afraid of any of it and had a blast.  We saved the ones that needed to be nice and dark for later in the weekend! More to come!


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