Friday Nights

(From July 5th)

We all went to work/school on the day after July 4th.  I don’t get much vacation this year because of my maternity leave, Brent couldn’t get the day off, and we knew we wouldn’t be out or up late (other than our usual baby stuff…..sigh…..), so we figured we might as well go in and enjoy a day where practically everyone took off.  The bonus was that it was a super rainy day, so we didn’t even miss out on any fun outdoor activities going on anywhere.  And it was worth it – on my floor of probably about 20 people there were only 4 of us – talk about a nice, low key day!

And as such, we all left early and these two were pretty excited about that!


When Brent got home we went to the Pei Wei in our neighborhood for dinner.  We had a BOGO offer, so we were able to eat really cheap.  All the rain and inside-time made us want to eat in a restaurant instead of just getting take-out.   Of course as soon as we sat down Abbi started screaming (in need of a nap – which she basically never does in public) and Lilli got angry that she had to split a meal with one of us instead of getting her own (spoiled).  But we finally made peace when I got up, walked her plate out of our area, and delivered it myself like it was just for her.  Seriously.  And Brent got Abbi rocked to sleep in her carseat.




Afterwards on our way home, we drove through the Cadillac dealer nearby.  Lilli has been asking where you buy a car, and what a “car store” looks like, so we thought she’d be excited to see one.  She fell in love with that GOLD Cadillac – and wanted it for herself.  She had a plan of us parking it in the grass just like we do the truck until she’s old enough to buy it.  She seriously got upset we wouldn’t buy her that car.  On our way back from somewhere the other day she got upset because she thought she saw someone else driving “her” car.  Goodness!!!!


Desperate for anything outside the house to do, we stopped in at the pet store on our way back home for a few minutes.   It’s so nice having one just a mile or two from us that we can use for a free activity to get out of the house.  Irony is how much Lilli enjoys looking at fish yet she hasn’t realized all of hers are finally dead now and the tank has been thrown away for a couple of months.  We will never, ever own another fish.


She fell in love with these adorable cats that keep wanting to play through the grates.  She really misses Buzz Lightyear and we’d love to find a cat that would be okay living outside and not constantly want in.


Sometimes this might be how Pippin lets us know he’s hungry/thirsty.  HA!


I don’t even know what to say about this one….


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