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From July 11th-13th…

Abbi has finally gotten used to sleeping in the sleep sack vs the swaddle, thank goodness! We had a rough week or so with her fighting sleep and just not knowing how to handle having her hands free when sleeping.  Now the poor thing has some sort of fever virus.  I got called yesterday about 2 pm that she had a 102 fever and was feeling puny.  She was so whiny and hot last night, and slept terribly.  This morning she woke up with about a 99 and held that most of the day and was just whiny and really couldn’t be pleased.  Several babies have been sent home with the same little virus, and it seems like she’s breaking out if it (tell-tale rash this evening) and so far is sleeping better tonight.  I think she’s also teething which doesn’t help.


We got started on Lilli’s closet renovation.  It looks SO good now! Brent was measuring for the new shelving.  In working on our old house we discovered these Rubbermaid shelves that don’t have all the lost space and annoyance of the breaks for hooks.  We LOVE these and that clothes can slide all the way up and down.  Gotta have that when you have girls!! We’ve already re-done Abbi’s closet with two levels of these and had something even more special planned for Lilli which she LOVES!


Garden is still gangbusters.  We cut and froze over two pounds of peppers tonight and have got to make some salsa and tomato sauce this weekend.  We’ve got about 10 pounds of tomatoes on our buffet right now.  And Lilli’s sunflowers started blooming this week and they are gorgeous!


One of Lilli’s classmates had a party at their house last weekend to celebrate all the kiddos going off to kindergarten.  Abbi had a good time at one of the water tables splashing.


Lill had fun with her friends in a jumpy house, they had slip n slide and hose with little pools, their playground set and other outdoor toys to play with.  We didn’t take many pictures because we were busy socializing/trading Abbi back and forth.  She’s got great friends at her school and we’re sad to see several of them leaving for kindergarten soon!


We got the little steering wheel toy out for Abbi this past weekend and that girl loves to drive! I was surprised she could turn the wheel and do all the different things on it, but she went after it and it’s quickly become one of her faves.  Lilli was playing Barbies…and all of those Barbies were taking a nap while the others were off on the other side of the room going to the movies.  Her other favorite scenario is that some are going to the Home Depot.  She’s our girl!


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