Lilli’s Closet

From July 14th-17th….

I’m not sure why Brent had his phone so handy in church (let’s just assume it was the Bible app), but this picture of the girls holding hands is so sweet.  They are just hilarious together.


Much of last week involved updating Lilli’s closet.  It’s a nice sized walk in closet (and why she picked that room), but we didn’t really have much more storage than her much smaller closet in the old house.  One rod of clothing is just goofy, so we planned to do two layers, and get rid of these strange shelves and do new shelving for the back wall.



Everything cleared out and shelving starting to be removed.  Previous kids had done some drawing in here, so some patchwork was needed as well.


Brent came up with the fun idea to paint it just a really bright, crazy pink that she would love.  Because of the type of color this was, even though he only wanted a quart they had to do it in the gallon for the same price.  Score!! Whatever the pantone is, it required a certain base and type of paint, so we saved a ton and got this huge premium paint for just $15.  It’s a low VOC and we’ve discovered that just doesn’t cover as well, so even though it’s just a closet it ended up taking most of the gallon.


Terrible Iphone pic.  It’s a nice hot pink “watermelon” type color and has the same tones as her lighter pink and gray room.


Shelving going in.  We also did the curve for the corner for maximum clothes space!


Wednesday was the day Abbi got sent home with her fever.  Doesn’t she just look pitiful??


Well, not so pitiful in this one.  Lilli wouldn’t pose with her blooming sunflowers.  These things really are pretty amazing! The heads are absolutely huge.


Ta-da! Brent occupied Lilli while I got her closet all organized again.  I put all her dress up clothes in the first section and we’re so excited they finally have a nice spot! Then she has her school dresses and PJs so she can select them all herself.  We do still need to do the shelves on the end for shoes and baskets for all her dress up accessories (crowns, shoes, “jewels”).  It is going to be SO nice when we’re done and when she came up and saw it she SQUEALED!


She immediately had to start getting into her dress up gear – out came her Ariel wig and before you knew it she was changing into a ladybug then Snow White and on and on…


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