A Fever for Kittens

From July 18th & 19th….

So for Abbi’s 6 month birthday we stayed home with her running her first fever and having her first virus.  That’s no way to celebrate…..I really didn’t want to have to drive Lilli in to school, so they both were home that day.  Our day mostly looked like this: lots of baby crying and just fussiness.  Lilli probably got to watch more TV and play more IPad that day than she has in the last few months combined.  My hands were just full and she would hardly nap.  We finally had to just get out of the house so we walked around the pet store near our house as long as Lilli wanted to (about an hour and a half) and we got some Chic Fil A drive through.  The cleaning people were also a welcome site for human interaction! Her fever was around 99 most of the day and she was just such a grouch.


The yard needed to be mowed that night and I happily jumped all over that opportunity to not be in the house with the Fuss.  I’m pretty sure Abbi wanted a break from me, too.


Friday morning she was fever free, but since she had still had fever the day before we couldn’t go back to school yet, and besides with it being a Friday we might as well keep her out of the germs a little bit longer.  She was much happier, but she’s still just been short tempered and not sleeping as well at night (but MUCH better than when she was sick).  I’m convinced we will see a tooth soon.  Or else.

Spoiler Alert: Lilli is sick with it now, too.  This morning every member of our house was up before 6.  That’s very unfortunate.  Abbi was just angry and so Brent fed her, Lilli got up crying soon after about bad dreams (namely that a rocketship carried me off to the mean forest – honestly, I would almost welcome that kind of vacay right now!!).  Everyone just seemed off and something seemed up, not too much longer Lilli started talking about being cold, fell asleep in the dining room floor and then woke up with a fever.  She’s been kind of pitiful and then when her medicine is working full of energy.  This is definitely a strange bug, but when she climbs in bed an hour early and says she just wants to rest, you know she feels bad.


On a happy note, Friday afternoon we went to pick out two new outdoor kittens for our house.  Some friends at church own a dairy farm and it is full of new baby kittens.  They all already hang outside so they have “street smarts” and probably don’t even know some cats get to live indoors.  Lilli has been sad about Buzz Lightyear ever since he moved on to another home, and we never minded him being outside – plus it was the only winter we never had mice! We’ve got lots of space for them to roam and live on a very quiet street, so we thought we’d give it a go.  We got two so they’d have a friend and hopefully be more likely to stick around.

Brandon kept bringing out kitten after kitten, and tons would instantly run away from people, but quite a few assembled and were eating treats right out of Lilli’s hand.  I think she could have stayed and handed out treats all day!


She also loved seeing all the cows and we definitely need to plan a visit sometime where we can look around at the cows and see how a dairy farm works – she would absolutely love that (me too!) Some of the cats were just laying back amongst the cows, stretched out and relaxing.


We ended up getting one cat that had already let her rub his belly and seemed really friendly, and one cat from back in the cows that has a somewhat similar look to Buzz Lightyear.  That morning she had already told me she was going to name them Chip and Dale (like from Disney) – so gender really didn’t matter to her.  I think one is definitely a boy and one possibly a girl.  They didn’t care for being transported in the carrier to their new house, and immediately ran under our cars for safety once they got out.  They would never really come back up to us much that night, except for a little canned chicken bribe.  Later that evening Brent did see them sitting out in the driveway because we were definitely worried about them just making a run for it.  Spoiler Alert – they have stuck around and have really become very friendly (one of them is still a bit shy) and thankfully have been great with both girls and seem to be getting adjusted to their new home.  I’m sure lots of treats and bribes haven’t helped a bit!


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