Cats and Canning

Saturday (July 20th) was our slight break from people being sick.  Abbi was still a bit fussier than normal, but we feel like she’s teething.  She did take an incredibly long morning nap (like 3.5 hours) so she’s growing, teething, getting over eye infections and viruses – it’s a tough life.

After breakfast we headed out to find the cats.  Lilli and I couldn’t find them, but Brent shook the truck and they jumped out from the wheel axle.  I was ready with some tuna bribes, so they eventually came over and warmed up, then we ran in to get Lilli and told her to be CALM.  Pippin was sitting there watching – he’s pretty ambivalent.  He knows they’re out there, but the cats are scared of him and he knows he has the better end of the living arrangements.


Lilli was so happy her cats had not run off in the night!! We were too, that would have been very rough for her!


That’s Chip on the left and Dale on the right.  Dale is the more outgoing one, but Chip is slowly starting to be less shy and they both start purring when we come out now to play/feed them.  We’ve been giving them little treats of leftover cheese and things – anything suitable for treats is spread three ways between Pippin and the cats.


They like to hang out under our cars.  Not good.


Dale was the quickest to warm right up and Lilli loved it.  He was letting her do this on the farm, which is the main reason we picked him.  They’re both such pretty cats and so playful.  They just chase each other around and run after bugs, sticks, leaves, etc.  I think we are going to hopefully have a mice-free winter here!


He acts like he doesn’t like the cats, but I’m not fooled.  There’s way too many videos of them on his phone for that….


During the girls’ afternoon rest time we got to work on some canning of our tomatoes.  We had tried a recipe for tomato sauce a couple of weeks ago and didn’t care for it.  On Saturday we worked on a roasted tomato salsa recipe we saw online.  We used about 10 pounds of tomatoes, 2 pounds of peppers, and several onions and garlic cloves (among other things.) We probably still have about nearly 8 pounds of tomatoes we’ve picked since then we need to use! It took us three hours to prepare the salsa, but most of that time was spent cutting and coring, and then peeling skins off after they were roasted.  We also only had about an hour of quiet time with both of us working – Abbi’s afternoon nap was less than stellar so we were baby shuffling the other two hours and rarely both working at the same time.


Doesn’t it look delicious?? It tastes AMAZING! I’ll share all my canning recipes later.


We had to make a Publix run to get more half pint jars for the actual canning we planned to do on Sunday afternoon.  This was the first time Abbi rode in a buggy, she’s still too small to sit in this format of the double-wide car buggy, but we left for her a couple of minutes and held onto the back of her shirt.  Ironically, this is the exact same grocery store Lilli first rode in a buggy at!! How weird is that? We didn’t even live in this neighborhood then, but did talk about how nice it was! 


Somebody is also working on sippy cup drinking.  She can nearly do it all on her own, and wants to very badly.


We have beach chairs set up in the garage for maximum cat play! We have some feather toys but they prefer good old sticks.


Somebody is proud to be sitting at the “deep end” of the baby pool! Before we know it she’ll be in the inflatable duck tub!


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