Frisky Kitties

A few “Glamour-shots” of the cats that Brent took with the good camera last weekend…

Dale – Dale has the prettiest eyes! They’re such a deep color and he has that thick fur that will just shed everywhere.  He’s the outgoing one and is already at the point where he’ll just lay down under your chair and start purring the second you come outside to play.  He is also the one that will pee in the garage floor while you’re standing RIGHT THERE.


We think overall Chip is cuter.  She has such a pretty little face and is very petite and more graceful.


Looking very tiger-esque:


They’re pretty much always together.  I think they really like having a friend to play with.  They roll around and wrestle and chase each other’s tails and every moth and leaf that rolls by.


Little buddies.


On Sunday afternoon when her fever was in the 101 range, she was outside, in a jacket, playing golf.  She’d tell us she felt fine, play for a bit, and then be really tired and just lay around.  Her fever was gone on Monday, but on Tuesday morning she had a terrible cough so Brent stayed home with her.  We finally decided it was just some allergies and overnight drainage, and today we were all FINALLY back to work and school.  However, Abbi’s stomach is just a little messed up and she has a terrible diaper rash from it.  We’re hoping we can get that under control or it will be back to the doctor for us.


I’m not sure if she’ll be a famous female golfer, but she might have some odds at being a golf fashionista!


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