A Week to Forget

This pretty much sums up how we felt about last week, as whole:


She was really upset about her sippy cup and not being able to get any water out – she’s still working on the lift/tilt.


But really, last week = worst week of being a family of four, so far.  To rewind, from Wed-Friday Abbi had a fever virus.  Achy, fevery, fussy.  Saturday was a good day.  Then Sunday morning Lilli came down with the same fever virus.  From there, the week never really improved.

Monday, Lilli and I stayed home and Brent took Abbi to school.  We rested and her fever was gone and it was actually a pretty nice, chill day.  It felt strange all day not making any bottles or bouncing around a baby.  Tuesday we all got up and Brent and I got ready as usual and then went to wake up the girls – and Lilli had a terrible cough.  We weren’t sure at all where that came from, but Brent stayed home since at that point I had missed 3.5 days of work.  After being home with her a while, it seemed like it was just allergies, so we decided she’d be fine for school on Wednesday and we got the normal Zyrtec/Benadryl thing going.

In the meantime, on Monday morning at about 4 am Abbi woke up crying.  I ended up sleeping in the recliner with her and we were surprised she was dirty when we got up for the day.  That started her stomach just being OFF.  Lots of pooping.  As in, at least 9 dirty diapers a day and a stomach that just wasn’t taking food well.  During her fever virus she didn’t want anything to do with solids, so we thought it was just her getting used to eating again.  Of course this created a wicked diaper rash.  She had her six month shots Tuesday afternoon and I talked about it with her doctor and she said to call back for some cream if it got worse.

Wednesday was the only day that we were all at school/work.  When I picked up Abbi that afternoon her teachers were concerned about her rash and said that she was bordering on “diarrhea”, a school no-no.  Also, Lilli had woken me up at 1 am with a flashlight to my face saying her ear hurt.  I told her it did not, gave her some ibuprofen, and had told her we were all going to school/work that day (Wednesday!).

On Thursday I dropped everyone off again, and poor Abbi has such a bad diaper rash.  We called to talk to the doctor and get the cream called in, and discovered this cream is hard to get and has to be specially mixed by only a few certain pharmacies.  By the time I got back from an all morning meeting I got one call and one message – from each girl’s teachers.  Lilli was in a corner crying that her ear hurt, and Abbi was being classified as having a stomach virus.  I’m sure there’s some sort of award for having two kids sent home with two different ailments within an hour.  I’d be okay if I had never won that award.

So Brent and I came up with a game plan.  This super awesome diaper cream was being mixed somewhat near my work – they had told Brent it would take TWENTY FOUR hours.  He had told them it would not, and they needed to get it before I left work that evening.  I ended up picking up Lilli and taking her to the Minute Clinic near my work/diaper cream pharmacy, he came and got Abbi.  This miracle cream ended up being finished within an hour so he and Abbi got the cream and by the time we met up at the Minute Clinic the doctor had already seen her and declared she had an ear infection.  So weird – it started with that cough and by Friday she had full on drainage.  She hasn’t had an ear infection since right around her first birthday!! From there Brent headed home with our sad crew and I finished out the rest of the day at work.

Brent was already planning to take off Friday because there school was closed for in-service.  Poor Lilli had so much drainage, but the antibiotics kicked in quickly and she hasn’t mentioned her ear since.  She has a runny nose and a phlegm-filled cough, but besides being a bit more tired than normal she’s doing pretty good now.  I think another 24-48 and it will all be cleared up.   Poor Abbi still just doesn’t have her stomach completely back to normal.  However, today was by far her best day and I think she only had 4 dirty diapers all day (2 is about normal for her) and none since 3:30 this afternoon.  We’ve talked to the nurse several times, and her appetite is great, she’s sleeping and napping fine and not a bit fussy, so it just has to run its course and can take 7-10 days.  We’ve only been feeding her bananas and applesauce for solids, and added yogurt yesterday.  Hopefully she’ll keep improving because otherwise her diaper rash is still not going to have much of a chance to improve either.  Overall her bottom looks better but she still has a few raw spots.

And our pediatrician’s office called and yelled at me that I shouldn’t have taken Lilli to a minute clinic on Thursday.  As if.  “That they like to keep all records for a child together.” Which I informed them that I did have them send their office the records – otherwise they would not have ever known we were there.  See, all records together! I guess they thought I just had lots of time to drive all over town with two sick kids.  Next time I just won’t have the clinic send them the file…..

But otherwise, we’ve used all this extra time at home to become canning experts.

Our salsa simmering on the stove last Sunday afternoon:


Jars filling up and jars simmering to get all warm and happy.  Canning takes a LONG time, but we’ve ordered a couple of other things to help us process all these vegetables more quickly.


When a four and a half year old wears a jacket in July and falls asleep in the dining room floor, you know she’s sick.  After this nap she woke up with her 101 fever.


Playing princesses together, signs of things to come!


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