The Artist in her Garden….

From last Monday and Tuesday (July 22 and 23)

Not a good night for Abbi…..this hand-me-down recliner that was my grandmother’s is so much comfier to sleep in all night that the glider we had with Lilli.  I love that you can stretch out in here and prop your feet up.  It’s come in pretty handy the last few months.

This was the start of her stomach bug, we just didn’t know it at the time.


Abbi at school.  Happy, but poopy.


Brent surprised me by getting all creative with labels for our salsa.  This little picture was quite popular on his Facebook page last week….


Happy girl.  This stomach bug really has not affected her demeanor.


Tuesday Brent stayed home with a sick Lilli, pre-ear infection.  We just thought she had allergies at the time.  They did some stacking.


The cats don’t mind us.  (Dale in front, Chip in back).  Those two are hilarious.


That evening Lilli wanted to draw her sunflowers.  We’d talked about it the day before but she didn’t feel like it.  We also wanted to measure them and see if the sunflower seeds were ready because we plan to cut some down and take them to school when they are (we’ve already told her teacher).  They’re 13.5 feet tall, and the seeds are still forming.  I just love her picture! She drew some neat ones that night that included the sun, all the bees and butterflies that are always on them, and some of our other garden highlights.


Instagram version.  We are definitely going to do something with these.


A view of the artist at work in our garden.  I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve gotten out of a still relatively small garden this year.


Love this one – our happy tomatoes on the left and our happy carrots on the right.  Who knew Veg could be that happy, happy, happy???


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