The Week of the Sick

From last week, July 24-26th….

Abbi has become a tummy or side sleeper now.  Most of the time she sleeps on her side, but sometimes her tummy.  Thankfully rolling on her tummy in the middle of the night no longer leads to hysterics (usually).


On Thursday, our definite low of 2-kid parenting.  Lilli played Ipad while we waited on her prescription, and Brent picked up Abbi and went to the “special” pharmacy for her prescription and then met back up with us.  Thankfully both girls have had a good week and we’re 4/4 for all 4 of us being at school/work! On Tuesday Abbi’s stomach finally started getting back to normal, and Lilli quickly got over her ear infection with antibiotics.  Abbi’s horrible diaper rash started making a big turn for the better on Wednesday when she no longer woke up with dirty diapers and finally got back on her normal 2-3 dirty diapers a day versus the TEN we had going on for several days.  Ugh.


Helping a sister out….


Kittens can always make you feel better….


Friday morning – somebody definitely looked like something the kittens drug in….


Friday afternoon Brent took the girls to the Science Center for a little playtime and to get out of the house.  Neither of them had the kind of sickness where they had fevers or anything – the whole 8 days Abbi was sick she was in a great mood! He got them all dolled up in dresses and bows and they headed out for a short break from our sick cabin fever.


Abbi had big fun at the Science Museum!


Doing some investigating.  Since we have a membership it’s great to just go and do favorite things for a couple of hours.


It’s tradition for Lilli to pretend she doesn’t have bones on the “no bones guy”.


They had a great time and I think they all benefited from just a couple of hours out.  This week has been SO much better than last week, even if I did come down with the same cold or allergies Lilli had.  Whatever it is, it moves on pretty quickly so hopefully, for the first time in over TWO WEEKS we can truly have a good weekend and do some fun things together besides going to the pharmacy, taking temperatures and making numerous calls to the doctors office.  Fingers crossed!!!

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