Girl Stuff

From August 4th and 5th…

In looking over these pics when I uploaded there’s a lot of pink in here!! That pretty much sums up our life….

Looking cute one Sunday in their matching Ralph Lauren dresses.  The one Abbi is wearing is one of Lilli’s hand-me-downs I had found on clearance at a department store.  This past spring I got lucky and found one in Lilli’s size to match! I’ve been surprised how often I can do that, particularly with old Gymboree patterns.  The big girl dress doesn’t have the front smocking, but otherwise they’re exactly the same! So cute!


We don’t get many smiles from Abbi in post-church pictures.  She’s usually a mix of tired and hungry and doesn’t typically want to pose.  Unfortunately she can’t be bribed/threatened as easily as Lilli.


That girl can give you “the eye”.  Ha! I actually really like this pretty serious one of them.


We needed to head to Costco for some new pictures to update a daycare project in Abbi’s room.  About the only time we actually get anything printed is when daycare is needing updated family pics, etc for the girls’ rooms! We took that opportunity to get a piece of artwork Brent had designed for Abbi’s room printed and a print for the kitchen done as well.  Of course Grabby McGrab was trying to get her own books….


And then my burrito at Chipotle…..


We made blackberry jelly that night after the girls went to bed.  Jelly was one of the easiest ones we’ve done so far! Lilli loves it, so we had a special treat the next morning with toast and fresh jelly.


I had been working on getting my stuff ready for consignment drop off for fall sales that are going on.  I ended up dropping off about 125 items of fall/winter maternity and baby clothes from sizes newborn to 3 months along with a few other newborn items.  The sale was the end of last week and I ended up selling 39 things, mostly the kid clothes.  Maternity is so hard to re-sell.  After the other fall sales I’m doing I may list them on Ebay, especially my petite items.  I did sell a lot of my nicer, more expensive items, so even though I only sold 31%, I did do pretty well.


Brent took the girls to the park so I could have some time to steam, finish tagging, and so forth my stuff.  Lilli was excited to toss stuff in the creek.


Some synchronized swinging….


Big Baby really is getting big! And we’re 100% okay with that.


Lilli picked out their pajamas that night and wanted them to match.  Brent didn’t mind.


Don’t tell Lilli that the kittens are all mine after she goes to bed…..


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