Williamson County Fair

From August 6th…..

Every year it’s a tradition that we go to the fair (last year’s link with previous year’s links), and up until now we’ve only visited the Tennessee State Fair that was closest to our (old) house.  It’s really not all that nice, so we were more than happy to check out the Williamson County Fair, close to our new house, when it came to town a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday night was the only night we had open that week, and that week it rained and rained and rained.  We had told Lilli we’d try to go that night, and our fingers were crossed the rain would hold off and it would be enjoyable.  It sprinkled on us on the way down there, and still sprinkled on and off the whole time, but never enough that rides were closed or we had to take shelter.  It really wasn’t that crowded, which might have had something to do with the weather.

We came home from work and changed clothes – I got Abbi all dressed up in a “country” looking onesie and Baby Gap blue jeans – which made Lilli want to wear blue jeans to be like the rest of us.  She NEVER wears jeans, so we had to try some on to even locate a pair that fit.  We were pretty excited about her giving jeans another try, and she wore them for a couple of days before getting back on her dress kick.  Oh well….

This fair had a cute Kids farming area where you had to do various things like pick vegetables, brush the animals, milk the cows, etc to earn various items to turn in at the end of the exhibit for “money”, and then buy a treat in the “grocery store”.  Lilli  had a lot of fun doing all the different stops….


You had to feed the cow some corn you had “grown” earlier, and then milk him.  Maybe next year they’ll be grass fed beef…..


Hanging out with Abbi while big sis did her “work”.  Next year she’ll be right in there!


TN State Fair does have better animal petting zoo, we always love feeding the animals there.  This fair just had a few goats you could touch and other animals you could touch through the fence.


I guess I got caught giving the goat some love…..


Corn dog time!


We just bought a few ride tickets.  I don’t think there was anything small that she was big enough for, that we were also small enough for.  That was kind of frustrating.  She ended up riding these little boats…..


and a “Dumbo” right.  Not quite Disney, but we’ll take it.


All night long she had wanted to play this duck game – for $5 you get to pick two ducks and see how big of a prize you won.  I’m not sure why she loves this game so much, but she does! Our rule is games are played last (because I don’t want to carry your junky prize around…) and I even tried to convince her to swap the game for a pony ride since it was the same price – but she was in love with the ducks.


Our prize – our five millionth princess wand.  Thank goodness, we were definitely running low.

We had a great time at the fair and know that next year will be even more fun with Abbi enjoying it and maybe not screaming the WHOLE WAY HOME because we were out way past her bedtime.  Babies!


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