Dress-up Diva

From August 7-8…..

Lilli’s “blue jean kick” lasted for two days, and she wanted us all to wear jeans so even little sis got to be extra fancy a few days.  She’s got plenty of baby jeans, we just usually keep her in sunsuits in the summer.


Brent was having car trouble with his battery.  It had started a few days earlier, one morning when we went to work his battery was dead.  Luckily having the extra truck he just drove that for a few days until he had time to look at it.  What seemed like a battery that just needed cleaning ended up being a bit of a pain, and finally he did end up replacing the battery.  We were SO glad to have that extra vehicle because I’m really not sure what we would have done since we go in opposite directions each day now!


On that Thursday night, Brent met me and the girls near downtown and we had a quick meal.  I had consigned some of their old stuff in a sale and had a pre-sale pass to use that was too early for me to drive him and then back to West End.  I ended up finding lots of goodies at the sale that evening and Brent had fun with the kiddos.  Lilli wanted to play dress up and changed outfits at least a dozen times.  This is a great season to find more dress up clothes and I was able to find her a cheerleader costume and a Fancy Nancy dress up at the sale I went to that evening.  And of course I found her lots and lots for fall (and a couple new things for Abbi.)

Ladybug girl…..




The Wicked Witch…..


And Dorothy.  I believe they acted out various scenes from the movie.

We’ve already started getting some Halloween costume catalogs, and after coming  up with some seriously random costumes for us we’ve finally all gotten on board with a family look for this year.  Abbi and Lilli are the only ones I’ll need to buy something new for, and neither one should be particularly difficult to find.  And the best part is I know Lilli’s will get a LOT of use far past Halloween!


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