Happy TENTH Birthday Pippin!!

From August 9th…..

Friday, August 9th was Pippin’s big 1-0 birthday! Lilli was actually really mad about going to school that day – we always take her birthday off and do something fun, and she was really pretty angry we weren’t doing something for Pippin.  I’m sure she would have happily suggested we all go off to Chuck E to celebrate his special day…

Of course we dressed them in “Pippin” gear.  Lilli is about to be out of hers, everything I had bought for her is mostly size 3T and this will be the last summer the almost 5 year old can wear a size 3.  I found this little onesie for Abbi at Target just a week earlier and was so excited!! Boston Terriers really are SO fashionable!


He is such a sweet dog to the girls, as evidenced by the two hands to his face.  He just loves any kind of attention they give him and Abbi absolutely squeals when he walks in the room.  Even though the old fella is turning gray and has all kinds of knots popping up all over, no doubt indicating there is probably some kind of cancer reoccuring, he is just our boy.  All he really wants is to be with us (every time I blog he’s stretched out right next to me).  Every morning when I get up well before everyone else, and the sun, he follows me downstairs to the treadmill, and when I’m done – he follows me right on back up to the shower.  It’s sad because some mornings he’s just stiff and can’t make it down the stairs, so I have to end up carrying him because I know otherwise he’ll just sit and whine to have that quiet time with me.  He is definitely “my” dog, and just another one of the momma’s boys/girls in this house.  Brent has said he just sits and watches for my car out the window when I grocery shop each week, and Pippin always lets him know when I’ve returned.  It’s sad to think about what our future holds with him, probably sooner rather than later, so we celebrate each birthday (and day) with him as much as we can!


After a homemade dinner of spaghetti that night (featuring sauce made from our garden!) Lilli and I made our traditional dog-friendly cake topped with peanut butter for Pippin.  It’s the same recipe we’ve made for several years (9th birthday, 8th birthday, 7th birthday) and it’s easy and he loves it!


Of course he had tons of help blowing out the candles.  And naturally we did all of this is a small cranny of the kitchen.  Because that makes TOTAL sense in our decently large house.


Two years ago, when she was two, she was all up in his cake eating it.  For some reason this year she was also all about eating HIS cake.  We were literally having to explain to her that she needed to share the dog’s cake WITH THE DOG.  That doesn’t even sound right.


Yes, she completely started eating it like a dog.  Luckily Pippin is very “tame” and has now gotten used to having his life completely disrupted by children.  I think he watches us from the window every morning and probably smiles when he can longer see our car.


This basically sums it all up.


Naturally Big Baby had to get in and see what all was going on at the party in the kitchen floor.


More cake sampling.


Eating the dog’s cake by the handful.  I guess I should go with this much more simple recipe for her birthday…(it’s really not bad – and much healthier since it’s sugar free.)


Poor Big Baby was in a funk that night.  I think her teeth (or lack thereof) were causing her to feel a bit under the weather and she ran a little 99 degree fever for just that evening.  She actually fell asleep on me while I was holding her in the kitchen watching the “festivities” and that NEVER happens!


So Pippin had a great 10th birthday and we hope we get to celebrate many, many more with him.  I am thinking next year I might have to bake two cakes for him….

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