Pool Time! (Finally!)

We’ve had lots of weirdness the last few days with our (home) Internet.  After pretty much being treated BEYOND horrible by Comcast for the last six months since we moved, we canceled everything with them last Wed/Thursday.  In the six months since we’ve moved, they’ve gotten our bill wrong every month but once – naturally overcharging us.  We’d been cable TV free since Lilli was born, but everyone has to have Internet, especially us since we download/stream everything.  When we moved we got a small package that was cheaper than just the internet-only we had been getting, but between cutting lines, charging us for equipment we didn’t ask for, charging us for MULTIPLE packages and this past month ending our deal, charging us full price and then adding on HBO ??? we had HAD it.  It’s impossible to get any sort of customer service from Comcast/Xfinity, so Brent finally just canceled it all.  We only have internet through a prepaid package on my Ipad right now (and our phones), and U-Verse will be out in 2.5 weeks to hook everything up here.  We’ll never go back to Comcast.  So blogging may be a little spotty, but we’ll hook up some to my Ipad to not get too far behind on our “digital baby book”.  We’re just looking forward to working with a company who is not Comcast.   And I’m missing my rare treats of Dance Moms that I’ve been streaming (free) through Amazon Prime!!!! I may have to watch that some during my lunch break.

From August 10th….

We have a new rule here and it’s “Don’t start canning after 10 pm”.  On the particular Friday night/ Saturday morning in question we started making Peach Butter around 10 pm.  We still had some of our awesome peaches from The Peach Truck starting to go bad, and for some reason we lost our minds and started this project waaaaay too late.  Making blackberry jelly had been a quick endeavor,  but we learned the hard way that Butters have to cook down and that takes a WHILE.   Brent snapped this pic at 12:30, it was literally 1:30 in the morning when we were done canning.  Never again.


Luckily everyone got up around their usual 8 am (we were really, really hoping it wasn’t one of those rare morning where Big Baby is up and ready to go at 6 am….).  Despite Lilli’s obvious excitement it was delicious.  She actually really likes the blackberry jelly, she’s just so-so on peach anything.  But bacon anything is her favorite.  She can sniff out some bacon a mile away.


That particular Saturday was Tomato Festival in East Nashville.  We didn’t go.  We’ve been probably 6-7 straight years and it really doesn’t change, except for getting more and more crowded.  And we weren’t interested in crowds and horrible parking.  But I did put Big Baby in her hand-me-down, consignment find Tomato dress (Gymboree brand) that Lilli wore her first couple of years to the Tomato Festival.

Instead we went to the Brentwood Farmer’s Market and picked up a few more fresh vegetables to help round ours out for making more spaghetti sauce and salsa.


If you have to wear your rainboots to get out to the garden it’s probably a)rained a lot and b)been impossible to keep up with mowing.  This year has been nuts on the rain! Our yard needs mowing twice a week, but we’ve been good mowing it about once a week.  It just rains SO much sometimes (a lot of times) it’s just been too wet.  Craziness.


As soon as rest time was over the sun was out (finally!!!) so we loaded up and hit the pool at the Y for some pool-time.  With all the rain/chilly weather we’ve had this summer it had been ages since we’d went and the season is quickly ending.  And I had bought the world’s cutest swimsuit for Abbi on Zulily that she needed to at least wear a time or two!!!


How cute is it with the little bumble-bee wings on back??? It’s Sweet Potatoes brand and I just love their stuff! I’ve been lucky and found a few things used over the years for Lilli at consignment sales.


I hate that she hasn’t gotten to practice her swimming as much this summer as I’d like.  But she quickly remembers and she LOVES swim, so we’ll probably do some lessons periodically over the winter to keep her growing.


Running around in the fountains.  We went late in the day and by the time we left we pretty much had it to ourselves! I love going late in the day on Saturday around dinner time, low crowds and lots of personal space!!!


During one of the breaktimes we had some snacks.  Abbi is such a grabber….to be so tiny she has some serious wing span!


We gave her an animal cracker which she thoroughly enjoyed and ate most of by mashing up in her little toothless gums.


At a recent consignment sale I found a little bath seat for Abbi.  It’s a small blue shell of a chair where she can sit in the tub and not tip over.  It’s open for easy washing of all her baby parts, and suctions to the bottom of the tub.  This way we can retire the baby tub and the girls can have tubbies together.  Lilli LOVES having a buddy in the tub and sharing toys back and forth.  I think Abbi enjoys it too.


Naturally she wants what is just beyond her reach…..


We have had a great weekend and are definitely looking forward to the long weekend ahead!!! We’ve got some fun, big plans that Lilli is BEYOND excited about!

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