From August 19th – 21st….

Brent got our big bikes out one night and took Lilli for a ride up and down our block one evening and it about killed him.  Our street is pretty hilly and he hasn’t ridden Lilli on the back (in her seat) all summer.  I think they only made a couple of laps and stopped to look at the horses at the end of the street before joining Abbi and I on the picnic blanket.  He took his GoPro camera on their ride, hence the kinda distorted images in these first two pics.

He’s already warned me that next summer I’m going to have to have a seat on the back for one of our persons.  Well, that’s probably going to be the best way to get back in A+ shape.


Just a normal evening of cat harassment.  Every day I tell them it’s okay to scratch her one good time, but they just keep coming back for more and even purr while being toted around.


The kittens have an affinity for catching bugs.  When Lilli was kissing them goodnight, she saw that Chip was chasing something, and it first I thought it was a cricket until we got closer and saw it was a Stick Bug! Her class has been studying insects all summer and she’s really been wanting to catch a stick bug, and since they’re not something you see all that often (probably because they look just like a stick….) we were pretty excited about the find.  We wrestled it away from Chip and quickly grabbed her bug net and butterfly house and nabbed him.  She took him to school the next day and her class had a great time investigating him and doing research on their classroom computer to learn more about him, and she got to share with the class the story of how we rescued him and he lost two legs due to the cat.  She wanted to release him at school on their rooftop garden, so she and a teacher did that and I guess the dude is now walking around downtown Nashville somewhere.


Abbi’s really loving Lilli’s old Little People playsets right now.  She has so much fun taking them in and out and opening and closing all the various little doors.


One day after work we decided it was definitely a get out of the house night.  We grabbed some Sonic and headed over to Granny White Park for a picnic.  These pictures of Abbi actually remind me a lot of Lilli at a fairly similar age at the park.  Ironically, Abbi wore that same shirt Lilli has in that link to school today!!


Just hanging around….


Lilli has always loved to swing! Abbi is a bit more apprehensive than Lilli was.


Canning and our garden are starting to slow down (THANK GOODNESS!!) With this hot, dry week our yard is finally crispy and a lot of plants in our garden are dying back.  A few are starting to come back, but we’re ready to end the summer growing season, and plant a few fall/winter things that are less maintenance.  We’e also canned some pizza sauce (I think that’s what’s in this pic), as well as more salsa and barbecue sauce.


Just some of our “wares”.  Brent counted as he was loading them back up in their boxes to store, and we’ve got over 100 jars (lots of sizes including quite a few small jelly jars).  And we constantly have a full box of squash – even though I’ve given away a ton, we’ve eaten several, and some have gone rotten, our two plants have produced a crazy amount of food!


One morning on our way out the door our crazy cat Chip had something else cornered – Lilli got upset when she saw it was a cicada (remember the time period she used to play with the dead ones???) Well, she got it out of Chip’s mouth and starting talking to it like an old friend.  The poor thing was half eaten and couldn’t even make that terrible noise or try to fly away.  Lilli decided to stick him over in a tree so the cats couldn’t get him.  I’m pretty sure about five seconds after we left the cats either finished him off, or a bird got him, but she’ll never know.


The look of concentration.  I’m just glad she didn’t want to haul him to school and share him with the class for a lesson on The Circle of Life.


A little evening driveway golf practice.  Good times.


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