From August 26th and 27th…..

Sunday night before bed Lilli complained of a headache.  She otherwise felt fine and so I gave her some Tylenol and the next morning when I asked her how she felt she said she felt fine.  I should have given her some Tylenol, because just as we pulled up to school she told me her head was hurting “just a little”.  I told her if it hurt worse to have her teacher call me and I’d walk down and give her some of the Tylenol I keep in my desk for Abbi, in the off chance she’s ever teething and needs it.  Around 10 am I got a call that her head hurt – BUT she also had a 101 fever.  I have NO clue where that came from – when I walked down to get her she was in great spirits and just had a headache – that she said (then) she’d had all day but didn’t want medicine at home because I had the wrong flavor.  And she had wanted to go to computer class that morning.  Ugh!! So frustrating since it could have all been prevented if I had the “correct” flavor already.  Since she obviously felt fine I brought her back to the office with me for a few hours and then Brent came and took her home.

She had a lovely time eating her lunch in my office….


While I ate some lunch I let her play on my computer and she did some shopping on Zulily.  Otherwise while she was there she played with some kids product I had in my office, played with my work Ipad and drew on my white board.  We had Disney music playing on my Spotify account and we had a grand time.  It is nice that she’s big enough to not be a giant pain if she needs to be at work with me for a while, and I was still able to get a lot of work done with her there.


Once Brent got her that afternoon they had a big time – after purchasing the correct Tylenol she was fine, they watched movies and played, and made homemade pizza for dinner.


Brent stayed home with her the next day (since she couldn’t go back to school once she had been fever free for 24 hours, even though she never had anything more than a 99 after we picked her up….).  She woke up feeling great and after they had some cinnamon rolls they headed over to Radnor Lake.    We went years and years ago, but since moving out here we’ve wanted to check it out.  They had a fantastic time and we’ve really discovered how much Lilli loves hiking and the woods recently.  They saw a TON of deer.


They went on the various trails around the nature habitat.  They have strict rules on no food, running, pets, etc – and they have tons of park rangers who enforce it, so it’s about as natural as you can get in the middle of the city.


They found an inchworm.


Of course she had on a girly dress and sandals.  Since then we’ve gotten her some proper hiking and trail shoes!


They had so much fun and Brent said they had the best time.  We’ll definitely be doing more hiking together (and already went as a family out to Radnor last weekend!).


She was pretty excited about the Zulily package that came that afternoon with a Spidergirl costume in it for her!


We still took little Blondie to school while Lilli was off.  If she really had been sick we wanted to keep those germs separate! We learned our lesson about sisters sharing germs back in July!


Pippin = ultimate crawling motivation!! When this girl started crawling she started crawling, and now she is everywhere!! Nothing in this house is safe!


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