From August 28th and 29th…

I think this little girl has about 18 hands, and 17 of them are in whatever we’re trying to quickly eat/scarf down our pie-holes.


And this little girl has one strange palate.  She likes to try all the ingredients as we cook together, and on this night she tried salt and pepper separately.  Of course she didn’t like pepper (too spicy!) but she would have eaten the entire salt shaker if we let her.  Can 4 year olds have high blood pressure??


“You say there’s a WHAT on my HEAD??” GET IT OFF!!! We have some strange tub toys…


In preparation for our trip to Georgia for Labor Day weekend, I ordered Lilli a Tinkerbell fishing rod off of Amazon.  The handle even lit up – just like all the professionals have! It came with a plastic fish to practice casting with, so she had a big time practicing in the yard – and the kittens loved chasing it all around! They are little hunters.  There’s a LOT of dead cicadas in the garage they’ve brought us.


Pippin was also easily “caught”.


More practice with the cats the next day.  It turns out they were a lot easier to catch than actual fish on our trip!


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