Georgia in the Rearview

From Sept 2nd

When we woke up on Labor Day Monday it was time to pack up and head home.  “Check out” was 11 am, but I doubt it’s highly enforced at a place like this.  We still wanted to leave as early as possible just to get home and settled back in.  And of course, once again it was POURING rain.  Once everyone was fed and dressed we finished packing up and poor Brent got soaked getting the car loaded as fast as possible.


One last cabin shot.  I would definitely recommend this for a true getaway from everything and all other humans! It might be nice to have one with some game room type stuff, but I would certainly consider staying here again! It’s only a few years old and everything was nice, modern and clean.


It rained for a quite a while on us as we headed back to TN.   Abbi cried/screamed/slept off an on, and around Manchester we finally pulled off for another car lunch and to let her have some time out of the car seat.  We all stretched our legs (including Pippin) and had some chicken nuggies in the Wendy’s parking lot.


We also saw a sign at this exit for a Russell Stover candy outlet.  I used to audit a country club in Cookeville that was near one and we’d head over there after lunch for good deals on “less than perfect” candy, so Lilli and I talked Brent into taking a little detour to this one.  She fell in love with this Beanie Baby that she has named Sparkle Eyes.  Sparkle Eyes goes a lot of places with us now….


We loaded up on all kinds of goodies at a fraction of the retail price.  And since we hadn’t been shopping all weekend up in the mountains we had to make up for lost time!


We were all glad to be home and have our spacious home back.  The cats were happy to see us, and the band got back in their groove later that night before baths and bedtime.  We had a great little first vacation together as a family of five and look forward to more travels!! This gave Abbi her first state outside of Tennessee, and Lilli and Pippin both already had Georgia on their list.


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