Georgia on Our Minds, Part 3

From September 1st…

As we were going to bed the evening before, we could see all kinds of lightning in the distance.  It was definitely crazy to watch it moving in from miles and miles away across the mountain range.  Around 6 am it REALLY started storming near us – I have never seen lightning so close/sharp before and it was definitely scary! One humongous pop seemed really close to us, and when it hit we jumped out of bed and Lilli was screaming in her room.  Pippin had pooped in the floor (he hates storms) and somehow Abbi slept through it all.  Once it died down a bit Lilli slept in our tiny full size bed with us the rest of the night.  I still can’t believe Brent didn’t take any pictures of the storm!!


The next morning it was just pouring down rain, so we definitely didn’t want to get out and try to drive the gravel mountain roads in the downpours.


The cabin had lots of games and puzzles, so we entertained ourselves and just played and watched some TV.  Abbi took a morning nap while we had lunch and decided the cabin fever was escalating and the storms were about to be past us.


So we got dolled up and decided to try out Carter’s Lake.  It looked like it had lots of hiking trails and other fun things for us to get into.


We went a really long way around thank to GPS, before figuring out on the way back we could just cut through the gated resort.  GPS doesn’t exactly help on remote mountain roads….We started at the Visitor Center and Brent grabbed some maps and asked about easy hiking trails for us.  The overlook of the lake and dam was really pretty, and there was some sort of old time Bible revival/baptisms going on down below on the shore.


Another look from above.


We strapped Big Baby into the Bjorn and headed off on the “wildlife trail”.  The lady at the Visitor Center said we might see some wildlife on it, but knowing the noise that comes with us we highly doubted it (and all we saw were butterflies & other flying things…)


Most of the pictures of Lilli and her just running.  She probably has a great future in trail running.  We were constantly having to tell her to slow down and wait on us, just in case she did end up face to face with some “wildlife”.


Some of the trail was wider and more well kept, others were narrower and more overgrown.  It was a nice hike through the woods, but the trail was not well marked and we were never quite sure which way to go.


We made it up on top of the dam.


Very pretty view of the Lake from up there.  If we ever go back to this area it would definitely be worth checking out more of the trails.


After all the rain it was so hot and muggy, and eventually Abbi got tired of being strapped in and we were all ready to go back – except Lilli who got mad because she could pretty much go forever on the trails.  But it was great for her to get some energy out on the trails!

This kid doesn’t let ANYONE relax.  Doesn’t she know Pippin was on vacation too??


We were planning to just rest at the cabin for a couple of minutes and then hit the pool again since it was so warm, but right about the time we were going to head out another storm popped up and rained us out for most of the evening.  Total bummer.  We also weren’t able to go to the apple orchards near there because of all the rain over the weekend.  We definitely would have liked some better weather.  Brent tried to get one last fire going later that evening, but with all the rain that day our hot dogs and S’mores ended up with the microwave treatment.  Really not how we wanted our last evening to go at the cabin!


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