Accidents (not) Waiting to Happen

From September 3rd – 6th…..

With our trip behind us it was back to work and school for us all.  That afternoon when I picked Abbi up she had her first accident report from falling and hitting her head on a bookcase after pulling up and losing her balance.  She had a big red scratch on her head right between her eyebrows.  She has little “stork marks” there anyway, but she really banged her head up!


I didn’t even realize it until I was just now going through pictures, but that’s the same night I sliced my hand.  I was washing dishes and trying to get just a few done in a hurry after dinner so things didn’t stick to pans.  In my hurry, our large chef knife slipped as I was scrubby some stubborn herbs off and chopped right into my hand.  I instantly knew it was a bad one.  Brent and the girls were in the sunroom, he had been feeding Abbi her baby food and after they were done they were all playing “band” and singing, playing guitar and some of our other “instruments”, like a duck call, tambourine, harmonica and so on.  My hand was just gushing blood and I knew I needed help, so I stuck my head in and asked him to step out, of course that created drama with Lilli wanted to know what happened, her feelings getting hurt and crying because she needed to stay in there, Abbi screaming because everyone was leaving the room and Lilli was crying, Brent kept telling me to talk to him and asking if he should call 911 and I literally about passed out.  There wasn’t that much blood, and it was probably border-line on stitches, but goodness – talk about a stressful situation.  I had to sit with my head over the sink for a few minutes before I was no longer dizzy. It’s been a fairly slow recovery process even since then.  With it being my right hand if I overuse it or try to put too much pressure on it I can definitely tell.  Lesson learned to slow down on the sharp dishes.


Tub time entertainment.  It is amazing that she’s given up swimming in my big bathtub for entertaining little sis!


We did a mid-week library run.  She has cleaned out the back to school books twice now.  She couldn’t be more ready to go to kindergarten.


Since Abbi was out of her stroller Lilli wanted her to go through the big talking tree, too.  Our Brentwood Library seriously has the best children’s section!


That Friday evening Brent’s parents were in town and we went out to dinner with them at McAlister’s, which has pretty much become our go-to dinner spot for two kids.  Abbi tried a pickle.  She definitely didn’t hate it.


I don’t even know what Lilli was up to!


Pretty good shot of the 4 of them, at least as good as it gets with two kids looking in random directions!


Afterwards we went across the street to REI to get Lilli a proper pair of hiking shoes.  She ended up getting a little pair of Keens that are great for the trails and really anything outdoors.  They have an area for you to test out how things fit that she loved.  That poor girl has had a HUGE foot growth spurt lately.  She’s been an 8 for over a year and all of a sudden her feet have just taken off.  We’ve had to throw away three pairs of sandals in the past week that have just worn out, and nothing else in her closet fits (for every day wear)! All of the things I’ve bought at recent consignment sales are winter boots or dress shoes, so this weekend we’re going to have go to the store and get some everyday shoes in size 9.  It’s about impossible to get good used every day ones at consignment sales because they get SO worn out at this age.   The sandals she wore to school today were so small that this afternoon I noticed her toes literally hanging over the edge.  So embarrassing!! I actually told her she could wear these new Keens to school tomorrow since nothing else works – at least we know she has ONE good pair of shoes!!!


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