Hiking Girls

I guess we’ve survived Stomach Bug ’13.  I got sick Tuesday afternoon at work (and came home – thankfully getting home right before it REALLY hit).  Stayed home Wednesday recovering from it.  Abbi got sent home Thursday morning with it (several moms, babies and teachers in her room had it).  She only got sick once, at school, thankfully.  Friday afternoon Lilli got sent home after throwing up in the gym twice, once on a boy’s feet.  She told him to watch out, and he didn’t.  I guess he learned.  She never got sick again, and after about 3-4 hours on the couch watching cartoons, some Gatorade and Sprite, and a bowl of chicken soup she was back to spinning and twirling around the house. When I went to the grocery store Friday night I went ahead and got Brent a bottle of Gatorade.  Naturally he got sick overnight Saturday and into Sunday.  It was about 36 hours in-between each of us.  At lunch Sunday Lilli had the cutest prayer – after the “usuals” (thanks for food, Mommy, Daddy, etc) she said: “But really, first my mom was sick.  Then Abbi.  Then Me.  Now my Daddy is sick and I want everyone to feel better and for us never to get sick again.” AMEN.  The “but really” part had us rolling in the floor.  And the teacher that helped Lilli Friday afternoon? Yeah, she was out sick today.  Oops.

From Saturday, Sept 7th:

Big Baby checking out the view from the front sidelights.  This girl is EVERYWHERE.


After getting the yard all mowed up and Abbi’s mid-day nap out of the way we laced up Lilli’s new hiking shoes and headed to Radnor Lake.  Of course the legit shoes are somewhat offset by her choice of girly girl dress, but we’ll work on some proper hike wear soon.  She also wanted to bring her camera to get some good pics of all the “nature”.


Big Baby got strapped in for the ride.
















It was a wonderful early fall day, not too incredibly hot and the lake was nice and calm.  I think a lot of people were indoors watching football, and I really can’t understand why.


Lilli has the energy of fifteen of us, so we took off on a trail labeled as “strenuous” and that was about 1.3 miles.  It had some decent inclines but she didn’t have any trouble with it.


We climbed to the top of a hill, walked along a ridge, and then the trail took you back down close to the start.  We never saw any deer or wildlife, but since she spent most of the time listening to her “echo” that really wasn’t surprising.  We did see several chipmunks, so at least we had that!


Afterwards we went to Panera, Lilli’s favorite.  Behind every cute baby pic is a big sister making faces.


Learning to self-feed puffs and anything else she can shove in her little pie-hole.  Also successfully drenching herself with a sippy cup at every opportunity!


All our hiking calories burned definitely deserved a chocolate iced brownie from Panera!


Oh yeah, somebody’s crib got lowered that night.  This little monkey is definitely going to be a crib climber.  In the last two days she’s taken two baths in Pippin’s water bowl.  I don’t think Lilli ever got in it.  We are going to have our hands full with little sister!


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