Going Greek

From September 8th……

This particular Sunday was one of those crazy, crazy Sundays.  After church I hopped into the car with one of our buddies and we went and picked up some things we had all consigned together.  This particular sale makes you find and re-collect all of your things that didn’t sell, which is as crazy as it sounds.  Ever heard of a needle in a haystack? It’s a HUGE sale, so it’s easy to sell things, but their whole process is insane.  I did okay though, so I can’t complain too much, and since us ladies went in together I just helped with pick up and two other ladies did drop off a week and a half earlier.

The girls were dressed in some cute things I had found on Zulily, and Brent definitely knows me well enough to know I wanted some pics of them together!


Abbi is getting so big!


Yup, I even found them matching shoes on Zulily – not always an easy thing to do since they are so spread in age!


I love this one, very true to how mobile Abbi is.  And Lilli has discovered she can lift Abbi much the same way she can wag around the cats.  This has led to even more getting into trouble on her part….


As soon as I got in from the sale pick-up I was right back in the car and heading back to church for a baby shower.  Lilli asked if she could go with me and she ended up helping with the present “handing”.  She loved it.  We had to cut out of there a little early for our next appointment of the afternoon – Greek Festival!  Greek Festival has absolutely become one of our favorite annual traditions (2011 and 2012).  The mom of one of Lilli’s friends shared the link to the festival on Facebook earlier in the week, so we planned to meet up with them (which the girls were BEYOND excited about).

Once we got there one of the first things she wanted to do was ride the ponies.


Then we hit up the petting zoo.  I love their little petting zoo! By this point in the weekend the animals are exhausted and don’t care what you do…..


Petting a duck.  It was SO hot that afternoon and the ducks were the only animals up walking around.


One hot little lady.  I didn’t even realize the dresses the girls wore that day were basically exact models of the Greek flag.  I am skilled beyond what I even recognize….


Lilli and Amelia pretty much did everything in the kids areas – all the slides, obstacle courses, etc.  She’s much bolder with a friend than anything she would have done on her own.  Of course this boldness cost us a lot more money than in years past…..


And of course they wanted their face painted.  We did that after we ate some of the delicious Greek food served at the festival.  It seriously has THE best food of all the festivals in town!  Amelia’s family actually attends a Greek Orthodox church in town, so they got some  pretty exotic stuff and we were very happy with our Gyros.


Love this one of the girls! Amelia is one of her best friends and they pretty much want to go home with each other every single day.  There may be a little sleepover in the works for them soon!


They had a blast just running around and playing with each other, and felt so fancy doing so outside of school.


And then they wanted their picture taken in the cut-outs.  We had a great time at the Greek Festival and Lilli is already asking when it’s time for it again.


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