From Sunday, Sept 15th….

After church on this Sunday I wanted Brent to do a few outside pictures for us since the weather was so pretty.  For once, the girls weren’t even in coordinating colors, but it really doesn’t matter.  Summer is almost over and they need to get some last wear out of some of the things that won’t fit next year!

I’ve seen some cute pictures of kids laid back on blankets looking up at the camera, but with a very mobile 8 month old that just didn’t work out.  In the only non-fidgeting one they both had their eyes closed.  Turkeys.


Brent hasn’t had a chance to adjust any of the colors on these, but I think he got some cute frame worthy pics.


It’s definitely a lot harder to get two good smiles, at the same time! We’re trying to teach Lilli to just hold the smile and we’ll work on Abbi.


Little Sis is awfully hard to keep still, but Big Sis does not mind putting the death grip on her.  Much like the kittens she has yet to be clawed or bitten by Little Sis.


More smiley faces….don’t get used to the gummy grin from Abbi.  She has officially cut her first tooth over the weekend.  Woo hoo!!


And some girl pics.  By this point they were both tired of sitting “still”.


Kind of cute – minus the fact we were trying to get Lilli to get her hand off her sister’s face and quit pestering her….


And then there’s the fact that Lilli has one of her sister’s shoes….


Probably my favorite of the three of us….


I think by this point Lilli has gone into her “fake” smile….


Kind of better.  She won’t wear a thing in her hair now – not a bow, ponytail or headband, so it doesn’t take too long in each day for her hair to approach crazy.  She’s wanting her hair trimmed up so I think I’m going to take her to my stylist and just have her come up with something for her since she won’t let us pull it out of her face at all!


And then a few of me with the wild child!


She ate part of an attendance card at church yesterday and might have shoveled all of it in if someone didn’t tell me what was going on (in front of me that I couldn’t see).  Goodness, she is a handful.

We were going to do some of Brent and the girls and his card literally filled up after we snapped this  one! We vowed we would do some the next week and well – that’s the Sunday Brent was the last to fall to the stomach virus.  Next time!!


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