The Virus

From September 15th – September 20th….

Dale, he’s not much help in the garden but he doesn’t mind hanging out there, taunting Pippin, and taking a solid nap while you work…


We still have a lot of clean-up to do in the garden and pulling up of dead plants (we’re pretty much over anything that’s left), but we did take one pretty afternoon and do some harvesting of our remaining carrots, pull up some plants, do some much needed weeding, and start chopping down Lilli’s Mammoth Sunflowers.  We had some HUGE carrots.


And we have a TON of sunflower seeds!! We’ve given away quite a few heads, and each head literally has hundreds of seeds.  Our next door neighbors wanted one for planting next year, so our street is going to be full of 13 foot sunflowers!


The two car buggy is a must at the grocery store.  They both love driving now!


Lilli is really enjoying Monopoly Jr (Princess Edition, of course!) I think I paid $1.50 at a consignment sale for it! It’s great for kiddos around her age at learning more about addition and money.


Tuesday morning of that week I had to take her for her 6 month appointment.  She loves going to the dentist (mainly because of picking her own movie to watch on the screen at her station.  Our pediatric dentist is awesome and she’s always asking to go back.


She had no cavities and got to spend a few minutes brushing the stuffed animals teeth while we waited for the dentist to examine her after her cleaning.  Abbi hung out in my lap and just “talked” to all the hygienists passing by.


Later that day (at work) is when I started feeling off.  I thought my hectic morning of getting to the dentist with both girls by 8 am and skipping both coffee and breakfast just had me feeling bad, but after I ate some lunch I felt even worse and eventually had to leave work and got home just in time to get ridiculously sick.  It’s been years since we’ve had a stomach bug, and even though I had 18 weeks of morning/evening sickness with Abbi it’s just somehow different.  Brent picked up the girls that afternoon and Lilli was excited to see him.  She’s been loving “block” area lately, where they build all sorts of things for their cars to do.  One of her favorite ways to play is to organize – lining everything up and having it “just so”.


I stayed home from work that Wednesday, still feeling not so great but at least not getting quite as sick.  Brent got both girls up and dressed and dropped off to school so I could rest.


I was back at work on Thursday, and around 10:30 they called me that Abbi was now getting sick.  Luckily she only got sick once and was fine the rest of the day and back to normal by the evening.


And then Friday afternoon I got called that Lilli didn’t feel well, and about five minutes later as I was packing up for the day I got the call that she had gotten sick (twice) in the gym.  They sent me home with a coffee can for her to throw up in in the car.  That was definitely one of the most nerve-wracking drives home – she’d whine and hold onto the can, but thankfully didn’t get sick.  Once we got home I upgraded her to a beach bucket and she watched a movie.  She never got sick again, but was certainly puny for a few hours and about as still as I’ve ever seen her.


She wanted to do “all the things I did” to get better – so I gave her some Gatorade and chicken soup.  Apparently it was a miracle cure and by bedtime that evening she was back to being wild and picking on her sister.  At that point, when I went to the grocery store that evening after the girls had gone to bed I went ahead and picked up a fresh bottle of Gatorade for Brent – there was no way he wasn’t somehow going to end up catching this thing!!


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