Don’t Shake Daddy

From Saturday, Sept 21 – Monday, Sept 23rd

We’ve been on the look-out for some new curtains and bedding for both our bonus room and Master Bedroom for a while and are getting kind of frustrated because we just can’t seem to find anything we like.  Lilli was back to feeling 100% normal on Saturday, so we loaded up and spent the better part of the day shopping.  Our first stop was the TJMaxx/HomeGoods that’s less than 3 miles from our house that we’ve yet to even visit since we moved.  Shopping with two kids just isn’t the most fun so we really don’t spend a lot of time in the stores, and since the internet is the best invention ever, most of our “things” get delivered to our house.  We didn’t find anything that day, but Lilli had a great time on the Halloween aisles.


We went to several other stores around Cool Springs but came up empty on anything new or different for the house.  I’m not sure why we’re having such a hard time picking anything, but we’re just sort of over a lot of the same colors we’ve used over and over in the brown family.  We made a stop at Lifeway and let Lilli pick out (with some guidance) a big girl Bible.  She’s been carrying a full size one for a while now, but I wanted one with a soft cover (lighter to carry) and larger print (easier as she learns to read) and kid friendly (this one has various pictures throughout that she loves to hear about).  She’s been so excited about this new Bible and last week she marked the intro to 2 Kings and made her teachers read that to the class.  She just moved up to a new “bigger kid” class of older 4- 6 year olds, so she was excited to have a “bigger” Bible for her new class.


Big sister.  Mother hen.  Same difference…..


While we were out shopping that afternoon Brent started feeling “weird” at Target.  Knowing that “weird” is stage 1 of the stomach virus we’d all had, we went home pretty quickly.  Later that afternoon he still wasn’t sick, but just didn’t feel like himself, so Lilli and I went out to the mall for a girls night to get her some new shoes.  She had literally just outgrown basically every pair of shoes that week and her underwear and socks! I’m not sure what kind of little growth spurt she had, but we’re definitely not used to her sprouting up so quickly! We’d looked at Target for shoes but I think their shoes have just gotten awful and they fall apart so quickly that they aren’t even a great value, so I let her pick out two pairs of Sketchers at the mall and we’ll see how they hold up to everyday use!

She picked our dinner destination – pizza in the food court!  She ate every bite on her plate!


She spent forever in Claire’s, and ended up picking out the little mood necklace she has on in the below picture.  She wears it everywhere (except school) these days.  We did some clothes shopping and ended our night in Bath and Body Works, where she had so much fun smelling and trying out everything, and even picked a flavor of soap for her bathroom.  It was definitely a lot of fun having a little shopping companion!


What a mess!


As the evening went on Brent felt weirder and weirder, and then in the middle of the night he finally started getting sick (all night long).  And then the next morning Abbi woke up crazy early and hardly napped all day.  And goodness, it was a long day with Brent sick on the couch and two crazy little people.  We finally got out and went to Publix for a couple of things we needed and I got Lilli and I some Frapuccinos at Starbucks (she LOVES coffee).  It was no fun being outnumbered all day while Brent was sick!


Once again the bucket was out, but luckily it wasn’t used.


Towards the end of the day Brent was at least feeling good enough to come outside and enjoy the pretty afternoon.  Lilli’s Bubble Gun present from her Granny has definitely been used and used a LOT of times this fall!


Enjoying some bubbles….


Pretty girl!


By Monday morning Brent felt good enough to head to work and we’d gone 4/4 for the stomach bug.  Lilli was SO excited to show her friends her light up “twinkle toe” shoes and wanted me to put together an outfit just like the girl on the box! We got pretty close using things in her closet and she was thrilled!! So far so good on the shoes we bought her, if they hold up the whole winter I’ll definitely start buying their brand and the extra price will be worth it!


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