From September 29-30……

I still don’t even understand how in the world she has yet to get a single scratch from these kittens! And, from the looks of it – they’re approaching more of a cat status than kitten status before long!


We ran to Old Navy that afternoon so I could pick up a couple of new pairs of jeans.  My pre-Abbi ones are too big and others I have are too small/out of date, so I’m in a weird clothing slump and needed a few cheap things.  I don’t even know what all goes on while I’m in the dressing room until I sort through pictures…..


I don’t even know…..


Apparently they did find the Halloween costumes.


That night we saw Abbi’s first tooth finally poke through! She’s been pretty good about it and it hasn’t really disrupted her sleep except for one night when she was fussy from 2:30-4:30.  I think she handled it better than Lilli, and hasn’t run a fever that we know of! She has two that have broken through now.


Pippin and the cats have an odd relationship.  They’re not a big scared of him and he doesn’t even know how to handle it.  Sometimes they’ll walk by an inch from him and he won’t bat an eyelash and other times he chases them across the yard or will start barking at them (tail wagging the whole time).  All in all, they get along fine and seem to put up with each other and mostly not care.  No one is willing to give up hanging out anywhere they see fit.


The night before my birthday Brent took Lilli shopping for me.  He told her they could go anywhere she wanted and she said (to me): “I’m not going to tell you we’re going to Target.” Hmmmm……

Apparently, by the looks of their pictures, once again a lot of time was spent trying on random things and taking pictures of each other.


This skull did come home with them (for me).  I’ve noticed we have a LOT of skulls, so now I’ve actually started looking for more when they’re on sale.  We decorated for Halloween last weekend, and the decorations that worked perfectly for a 2.2K square foot house with a .15 acre yard just don’t work as well for a 4.2K square foot house with a 1 acre yard.  We’ve already picked up a few additional things and will most certainly be stalking the after Halloween sales for more! We got several fun things at Michaels this weekend – being a craft store all their decoration are already 40-50% off, so we got some fantastic deals.


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