Happy Birthday to…. Me!

From October 1st…

This year my birthday was on a Tuesday and Lilli was not happy at all that we were doing the usual work/school routine.  I guess she’s pretty spoiled that we always take off on her special day and do something fun (but I guess that’s only going to work for her one more time until real school starts!)  I did leave a little bit early, and once we got home we headed out to Noodles and Company for dinner.  Fancy eating is not fun with these two, so I was okay with something low key and casual.  Particularly as no one has the ability to stay in their own seat and out of mine.


Lilli could hardly contain her excitement at the presents she had picked out for me.  Everything was met with squeals and I felt like I was on the Saturday Night Live “Target Lady” skits with Kristin Wiig.  Her expressions are hilarious while I opened things like a pair of pajama pants way too big for me…


A red ladle that was possibly the most exciting thing ever….


And the Robin pajamas for Abbi that go along with the Batman pajamas we had previously gotten Lilli.  I was pretty happy Brent found those, too!


Just hanging out, chewing on things….


My “big” present was a new Iphone from Brent, since it was time for my upgrade and mine was pretty old (a 4), Brent got me the latest and greatest and it came in at the end of last week.  Of course the thing that **I** got the most excited about was my annual assortment of little cakes from Homestyle Bakery.  I love all those little cakes!!!


What’s better than one cake?? 4 little ones and a tiny chocolate pie.  These are the best things ever!!


And of course a couple of little hands came slapping along our way and pulled up to see what we were doing.  Next year Brent’s probably going to have to add another little cake to our assortment!


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