Adventures with Daddy…

From October 2nd and 3rd…

It’s tradition to start wearing all the Halloween clothes and jammies on October 1st.  Abbi didn’t mind her hand-me-downs from Lilli at all!


Their school was closed the 3rd and 4th for their Fall Break teacher in-service training.  Since I’ve basically got no time-off this year from maternity leave, the girls stayed home with just Brent on the first day.  Once they woke up they loaded up and headed to the Adventure Science Center.  It’s absolutely one of Lilli’s favorite places to go and we’ve definitely gotten our membership fees back!

Pretending to be on TV….


Learning about force……


And it’s definitely tradition to pose on the “no bones” dude.


Abbi had a great time.


Pippin is her best bud.  She gets so upset if he leaves the room and she’s always chasing him around.  Even though he looks less than thrilled here he LOVES the attention.


The cats.  Such a mess.  Also a mess was the baby mouse they left us this week.


I don’t even think Lilli remembers what it’s like without having her little sis around…..


Chillaxing in the yard on a pretty day while they waited for me to get home.


And then they got crafty.  This definitely made me laugh when I pulled in the driveway.


They’ve had a lot of fun just sitting in the Jeep.  I’m sure they’ll have even more fun when Brent gets it working.  He took the battery in to get tested and it’s bad, so step one is just getting a new battery, and then we’ll have to take it from there on what other parts it might need.  The battery was working previously but the wheels would just spin and it wouldn’t go anywhere, according to the friend who gave it to us.  Considering how crazy expensive these things are, whatever we can get going will be a big savings!


I’ll have to frame this one next to a new one in about 11 more years! Whew!


Brent really wanted to go to the mall later that evening, so when I got home we loaded up and hit the mall like a bunch of girls (and Brent!)


Thankfully these hats did not come home with us….


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