Showers and Tubbies…..

From Saturday, October 5th

Girls being silly in their jammies over breakfast or snack or lunch.  It really doesn’t matter, for the most part jammies stay on until we head out for whatever activity we have on any given Saturday.  It’s amazing that we’re up, dressed, fed (the girls) and out the door every day by 7 am when on Saturdays we usually finish breakfast around 10 am.


Brent found some sort of deal on this little gadget that tests the air temperature.  Or temperatures in general.  I’m really not sure what it does, but he and Lilli aim it at everything in our house, living and not, and announce the temperature.  Her particular favorite is announcing the temperature of each person’s behind.  It also serves as a laser chasing device for Abbi.


We sent Brent up into the attic to get our our Halloween decorations.  Even though we have lots and lots of Halloween stuff, decorating a house twice the size is definitely difficult, and our poor yard looks pretty sad considering we used to only decorate .15 acres!


All the little ghosts definitely stood out at the old house – Lilli and I ended up doing two per tree here and you really don’t even see them.  She also had a big hand in doing the lights on our shrubs, so our house kind of looks like a 4 year old decorated.  I definitely want to hit the sales on the day after Halloween and pick up some clearance items.  We did run to Michaels a couple of weeks ago where Halloween is already 30-50% off and pick up a few things to add around the house.


It was a really hot October Saturday, so when we were done I promised Lilli we could have a popsicle treat.  Abbi was all over our coconut popsicles!!


Later that evening we headed out to Thompsons Station for our pregnant friend Katie’s baby shower.  Her wedding was hands down the nicest wedding we’ve ever been to, and her shower wins again for the nicest we’ve ever been to.  Her parents do the most amazing job and have the craziest attention to every single detail, they really should be event planners.  Her mom made all these boxed dinners for all the guests, tied them with white cloth and sealed it with a diaper pin.  You would’ve sworn the whole thing was catered.  And the cupcake tower – to die for!!


Lilli really amazed us that night.  She didn’t know any of the other kids there, but some older kids from where they go to church at now were playing and she told us she wanted to play with them.  They were probably 8 or 9 years old – she walked right up to them, told them her name and asked if she could play with them.  We definitely held our breath (we were off at a distance) and were very happy they said yes.  We never saw her the rest of the night – she was running, chasing and playing with them like they were old friends.  Considering how shy and introverted she can be we were really proud and also grateful for nice kids who were accepting of someone younger! She’s definitely at the age where other kids can hurt her feelings so there’s always that worry of not being accepted.


Poor Pippin.  He just doesn’t get a bit of attention.


I think Pippin has it made.  Abbi is always chasing after him (he loves it) and now the cats are his new best friends, too.  Chip has figured out Pippin comes and goes from the back door.  Now when Pippin comes back and scratches at door to be let in Chip is usually with him and will try to just come right on in.  Those kittens really are pretty smart, we could just do without the dead mice they’ve left us lately.


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