From October 10th-12th…

Somebody’s hair is (kind of) getting long enough to have some fun with in the tub…


She got sent home one day for throwing up.  Personally I think she may have just gagged or choked (it was a few minutes after snack time), but they never know and they have rules to follow.  That afternoon she acted 100% fine and Lilli was thrilled she got to leave during naptime.  Later that afternoon she was playing in the jumpy and I kept watching her eyes get droopy and she just jumped herself right to sleep.  She slept there for about 45 minutes while we all watched and took pictures.


Having some puffs at McAlisters.  Now that she eats all the little finger foods we get a little more peace and time to eat out at restaurants.  Thank goodness!!!


We headed to Home Depot and got some pumpkins and mums and fall flowers and a few things like cabbage and lettuce to try in the garden and see if they might last through the winter.


Lilli and I did a few fall crafts on Saturday morning while Abbi had her morning nap.  I bought this fun little Wicked Witch thing that melts after your build and decorate her body.  It’s some sort of putty that doesn’t hold it’s shape long.


Having fun with Daddy’s hat.


It was a really nice and warm Saturday.  We got a ton of yardwork done, cleaning up the garden and flower beds for fall, planting our new things, mowing the yard and giving it a good weed-eating.  We pretty much spent the entire day outside.  We got the water table out one last time and stacked the blocks so Abbi could stand and reach.  I’m pretty sure we all saw this one coming….


My little gardening assistant.  She helped for ones of minutes until she decided tossing all the old tomatoes we were pulling up would be a lot more fun.


We got this little car out and cleaned up for Abbi.  Little Bit loves it as much as her big sister did.  Anybody remember this video? I expect a remix featuring little sis anytime now……


Tearing up the streets of Brentwood together….


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