Getting Crafty

From October 6th-9th….

I had finally gotten all the fall clothes I’d bought on consignment for them washed, and Lilli’s hand-me-downs hung in Abbi’s closet for fall and had 3 fall/Halloween dresses for each kiddo to wear this season.  So, I laid out fall dresses for each girl on this Sunday and Lilli ended up in her formal Christmas dress.  Velvet, satin, we had it all.  On a warm October Sunday.  And Abbi dutifully wore one of her fall dresses (the orange blobs are pumpkins).  So I think the fact that this is the best pic I got is pretty reflective of the overall morning that day.


We got the little pony out for Abbi that Brent’s grandparents had gotten Lilli years ago for her first Christmas.  Abbi is still not big enough to know what to do or really hold on, but I’m sure she will enjoy it as she gets bigger.  She was happy enough to clap on it, though! (And you can see our Halloween garland here in the background – and Lilli decorated the stairs – all my witches and goblins are squeezed onto three Lilli-height stairs.)


It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon so we played in the water table again while Pippin and the cats rested TOGETHER underneath it.  It’s hard to get a good picture of them hanging out, when you get close they get up to be petted/lick you.  It’s hilarious what good buddies they’ve become.


Just chill-axing in the shade.  Old pals.


On that day Lilli wanted to be “Team Daddy”.  Sometimes she’ll just tell us she wants to be our buddy that day and “do everything you do”.  So she helped him spray weeds.  It can be pretty exciting doing everything we do.


Then that turned into lots of dress up and lots of strange selfies.  This is probably the least embarrassing one.

















“Put your sister down.  She is not a kitten.  Get off your sister.” Repeat daily 700 times.




For a few days Abbi had a rough time sleeping.  Up multiple times, for long periods of time.  It didn’t seem like her teeth should still be hurting (since they had erupted), but we don’t know what the deal was.  On this night, she woke up around 12 and we were both back and forth for quite some time until we decided Brent should just try driving her around and she if that would knock her out.  So he was out in the car with her until around 3 am.  Then she slept the rest of the night in her carseat.  A loooong night.  And then up bright and early and off to work and school for us.  No fun.  We were moooore than happy to let Lilli ambush her that morning in her car seat and wake her up.  No parent buffer that morning.


At Michaels we had bought some paper mache skulls for about a buck each.  Last year we made Halloween masks, so this year I picked this for our family craft.  It’s not “Pinterest-worthy”, but it was a fun family activity with just enough craft and just enough store bought to fit into our busy lives.  We broke out the paints, brushes, feathers and sparkles and went to town.


Of course we bought one for Abbi, knowing hers would be a hot mess, but something fun to look back on.


She mostly wanted to just chew on the brush, so Brent ended up putting her fingers in paint (all Crayola, totally non-toxic) and just touch the skull.  It was definitely not as easy project, but it turned out cute.


By the end Brent just started painting her (this was definitely going to be tubby night anyway).


At first Lilli didn’t know what to think – and basically started tattling on him – so of course she got it too.


The finished product(s).


And all of ours – from left to right – Abbi, Lilli, me and Brent.  His is a fun mustache looking guy, mine is purple with fun gold/glitter polka dots, Lilli’s is kind of a combo of ideas she took from both of us – she did the white washing, then added some gold glitter, and then some sparkles and feathers.  They’ve made a fun addition to the centerpiece we’ve used on the dining room table this Halloween season, and we’ll get to use them for years to come as part of our decor!


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