Whew! It’s been a while, but this past 8 days has just been truly awful.  I like to keep things in order here, in case I ever get these printed in a book, but thankfully Lilli is doing better now and is back to about 150% and making up for all the lost time when she was so sick these last few days.  All of the pics from our trip to the ER and the drama surrounding her first ever case of strep throat to come, eventually.

From October 10th – 12th!

Now that daylight is shorter we’re constantly looking for fun things to keep people entertained in the evenings.  Art with the blacklight one night was a lot of fun for Lilli.


For some reason the people in my family love to put things on their head.  It’s probably amazing we haven’t come home with lice, yet.  Abbi is enjoying taking it all in, for now.  We keep telling Lilli it won’t be long before sister is right behind her, doing everything she’s doing.


At least she’s getting training in “scary stuff” pretty early.


Less scary, more like a mix of Pippin and Sister.


No clue where Lilli gets her desire to try things on from….

















Brent got the Jeep going (properly) with some parts he ordered from Ebay.  Lilli is loving it, little sister is not sure about it! I think her sister is little bit of a jerky driver for her taste.  I think next Spring/Summer they will be tearing our street up with it!


Off roading through our yard….


We do still need to get a proper battery for it.


Lilli picked Wendy’s for dinner that night.  Since it was a little chilly some chili sounded good to me! I think this is the first time they’ve sat together at a restaurant.  Now that Abbi eats a lot of the first finger foods (puffs, etc) she stays pretty entertained and snacks while we eat, then we feed her baby food.  It’s definitely made restaurant going a lot more enjoyable now that she can entertain herself!


The cashier at Wendy’s was so nice that night.  Lilli lost part of her Shrek toy somewhere between our table and the car, so I ran back in to ask if she had an extra we could have because she was crying and pretty upset.  She gave me one of ALL the assorted Shrek toys they had in stock then! Lilli LOVED this Donkey dress up set.  Everyone at our restaurants out here in Brentwood is SO much nicer than East Nashville ever was.  Just reason #859 I don’t miss the old neighborhood and another example of how family friendly it is out here! I can’t even imagine being squished in our old house with the 4 of us anymore, and everytime I watch a show on HGTV with all the random things going wrong when renovating older homes I am SO glad we are done with the extreme quirkiness of truly old homes (this one is about 30 years old, so no spring chicken but we definitely have better insulation and certainly don’t have leaky cast iron and clay pipes leaking sewage into my flowerbeds!)  Thank goodness for the suburbs!


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