Pumpkin Patch 2013 – Gentry’s Farm

On Sunday afternoon, October 13th we loaded up for a trip to a local pumpkin patch.  We’ve been to a few over the years – 2009, 2010, 2011, and this year we headed back to Gentry Farms again.  (Last year with our trip to Disney and baby on the way we never made it out to a patch!) Gentry is only about 10 miles from our house, so it fit into a Sunday afternoon visit better than some of the ones further away, and it has most of the basic essentials for a good patch visit.  We had meant to go on Saturday, but the day before had been chilly and drizzly with rain, so like all the other residents of the South side of town we all hit up the pumpkin patch on Sunday afternoon instead.  It was **pretty** packed.  I guess the Titans must not be doing very well because the home game that afternoon seemed to deter no one from pumpkin patching it.


Since we skipped last year it was fun to see which things she was most interested in this year.  The little indoor barn maze/obstacle with slides and tunnels was her favorite this time and she did it over and over again with each of us.


She will tell you her favorite was the animals, which is odd because they’re all behind fences and you can’t feed or touch them.


The corn and wheat sensory tables weren’t that interesting to her this time, she played for a couple of minutes and then was done.  Two years ago we had to tear her away from all the pouring and scooping.  We ran into one of her classmates over there and also one of my coworkers and his kids.  Seriously, all of Williamson County was there!


She also loved the corn mazes.  We let her be the lead and we just followed.  The kiddie one was no challenge for her.


The line for the hayride was nuts, but we had to do it! Thankfully the scenery was pretty and it went fairly quickly.


Little sister wasn’t a huge fan of the ride.  At first she was a bit scared, but she mostly clung onto me for dear life.


The farm’s cows.  I’m sure we’ve probably eaten one or two of them over time!


We got one semi-decent family photo.


The big corn maze was a little more challenging for Lilli.  We got pretty turned around and ended up going back the way we came, but the farm closed at 5 and there were still several things she didn’t get to do.  Even though we got there around 1:30 or so, with the crowds and with how slow we were a pretty Saturday with more time would have been better for us.


Before we left, we went over to the patch.  It looked pretty awful.  Our pumpkins had ripened really early in the season and our vines had wilted back in September, and theirs looked to be in about the same condition.  There really wasn’t any pretty scenery for pictures.  Abbi was asleep in the stroller and Lilli was full of the sass, so I don’t think we would have had much anyway, although this one will probably become “the” pumpkin patch picture for her for this year.


Stomping off in a tired temper tantrum as the patch closes and all the cars exit.  If you didn’t know she was throwing a fit this one looks really pretty! And we just brought our Iphones, with two kids to manage it’s a lot more difficult to wag around the big camera, so unless we know there’s going to be a good photo opp we usually skip it!


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